When it comes to eye care here in Florida there is no better place to go than the Fort Meyers Eye Center, and that is coming from someone who has spent a lot of time sitting in clinics around the state, seeking the very best care. Don’t just take my word for this however, the customer reviews for the Fort Meyers eye center are absolutely incredible and clearly people have had the same experience here as I regularly do. If you are looking to get a check-up, some advice, some treatment or even an upgrade on your glasses, here is exactly why this is the place that you need to go in order to make that happen. 


I put a great amount of importance on customer service and I am often so surprised by the sheer lack of service which so many places have given in the past, and that extends to eye care centers that I have been to. Here at Fort Meyers however, that is not the case and from the moment that you walk in, they make you feel like you’ve been a customer for 30+ years. Dr. Middaugh is brilliant when it comes to service and he has clearly influenced his staff to be the same, and it really shows! 

High Tech

There is very much a sense of ambition with this optometrist and you can see from the attitudes which they have and the machinery which they use, that they want to become the very best in terms of the eye care which they offer their clients. It feels as though every time that I go for a checkup that they have some new high tech gadget which they use for testing, and that gives me faith that they are seeking to do the very best job that they can in caring for the eyes of their patients. 

Time for You 

I am one of those people who needs to know absolutely everything and I always have a ton of questions to ask. What I love about this place is that whether I’m speaking with Dr. Middaugh or the staff, they always have time to sit down and go through any concerns and questions that I may have. I can tell you that there are many clinics like this where you are literally processed and then rushed out so that they can get to the next patient. 


This is also a great place to go with kids, as the team are wonderful with younger patients and they will make them feel at ease and quite excited about the experience. This is something which I have seen first hand with my youngest, and many I speak to will same the same about the level of care which Fort Meyers is able to give to kids. 

If you live in Florida then there really is nowhere else that you should be looking for your eye care.