standing out from the crowd

Have you ever thought about standing out from the crowd and how it can make you more successful? The problem for many people is that we are socially conditioned to blend in with others most of the time, so it does not come naturally. We have all felt that anxiety of walking into a room and everyone looking at us, or worrying about whether that new haircut will make people stare at us. While this is natural, in some cases it is a great thing to actually be different and get noticed.

Of course, we are not talking about being too outrageous or weird here! In terms of standing out to boost success, it is more about finding ways to get noticed in a way that will impress people. As the employment and business sector gets more crowded each year, finding ways to stand out is vital to succeed.

In what situations can standing out be useful?

When it comes to your work and personal life, there are many situations where standing out from the crowd can be key. This is usually when lots of other people are going for the same thing as you but only some of you can be successful.

College interviews are a classic case here as all courses will usually require you to attend one and show admission staff why they should offer you a place over others. If you have an interview coming up, then standing out in the right way is all about preparation. Those nice people at Bryant & Stratton College can help here – there is a great Bryant & Stratton presentation on college interviews that has lots of information to take on board.

It is not just college interviews where this skill comes in useful though. From work interviews to setting up a new business and even finding love, standing out is a useful skill to have in your tool box.

Why does standing out help so much? 

You may know where it can be useful to get noticed, but why does it become so key for success in your career and personal life?

  • Showcases your unique skills and attributes – no two people are the same. We are all a unique combination of talents, skills and traits that makes us different from anyone else. An employer or potential partner may be looking for the exact things you have, but they will never know about them if you do not tell them. To get the success you need in many areas, you have to stand out to showcase exactly what you have to offer and what makes you different from everyone else.


  • Allows you to be more successful at work – the modern business world is changing, and this has seen many people work on a freelance basis. From IT to virtual assistants, freelancing is a growing area of employment now. If you do freelance, then knowing how to stand out is a key skill. With so many other people going for the same work, you must be able to stand out so that you actually bag some contracts and make some money. Standing out via hard work and a positive attitude in a normal job is also great for being promoted and moving up the ladder.


  • More opportunities from networking – another big factor in terms of career success is effective networking. Networking properly will help you to make new contacts that could open up lucrative new opportunities or even see you get a higher-level job. In the past, this was done mainly at real-life events, but many now will network online via platforms such as LinkedIn. Standing out wherever you network is vital so that people not only remember you from a sea of faces they connect with but also warm to you.


  • Gets you noticed – have you ever thought about why people who shout the loudest usually get the most attention? This sums up why standing out is so key to being successful – it is simply letting people know you are there and catching their attention. Whether it is during a college or work interview, standing out from all the other applicants will help them to remember you and not mentally push you to the back. Of course, when it comes to any kind of online business marketing, this is also crucial so that people know about your company over the millions of others online to drive business success

Standing out in the right way is key

Whenever you feel that standing out and being noticed could help in life, doing it in the right way is key. As we have already noted, it is not about going crazy and leaving a lasting bad impression! Instead, it is about showcasing what makes you different and what positive things this could bring to others in its wake.