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If you live in the Mokena, Illinois area then when it comes to your heating and cooling needs there is only one company that I would recommend and that is Integrity Heating and Cooling. I very rarely write recommendations online and in truth I usually use the internet to complain about a variety of companies and services. In the case of Integrity however I cannot speak highly enough of them and they have just recently got me out of great trouble with my heating system, right in the heart of a bitter winter here in Mokena, Il.  


I really can’t help feeling that service is something which we have greatly lost in recent years in this country and far too often companies cannot wait to finish a transaction so that they can count the money and move on. This is not the case at all when it comes to Integrity and I found their service impeccable from start to finish. It is clear that this is a company who really pride themselves on service and also train their staff in giving high quality service.  


To be completely honest with you I wasn’t going to use this company at all when I realized that I needed a new system. The reason for this is that their prices were low, but they were ‘too’ low, low enough to raise a bit of suspicion in me. I decided to investigate further and then I read a few customer testimonials and I visited their site which said that if you can find a cheaper system anywhere else, that they will give you $500. This was an offer which I felt was far too good to refuse and so I gave the company a try, I am so happy that I did. 


I was quite fortunate to be honest that my heating system broke down at the very beginning of winter which meant that the really low temperatures hadn’t quite started to hit us yet. I called the team on a Monday morning and let them know what had happened with my old system and that I would like to buy a new system. The man on reception asked me whether or not I currently had heating and I said that I didn’t based on the breakdown. At this point he told me that he would move my request up the list of deliveries, so that I would be able to warm the house up before the cold snap. At 3pm that afternoon a van arrived with Integrity emblazoned across the side of it, I was quite shocked to be honest. There were a few loose ends to tie up the following day, but the point is that from a 9am call on Monday to 3pm on Tuesday, the system was delivered, installed, paid for and invoiced.

High quality service, low prices, great equipment and speedy work, what more can you ask for!