Have you been searching to find the best place to get Botox fillers Chicago?  You may first want to understand what is Botox and what are facial fillers, and whether you can have both.

Botox Fillers Chicago

First thing to know is that both Botox and facial fillers are temporary and are carried out as noninvasive and nonsurgical treatments in a clinic rather than an operating theatre.  Botox is Botulinum toxin which is a sterile and purified protein which temporarily reduces the function of specific facial muscles which previously resulted in deep lines and wrinkles.  It works by paralyzing these muscles so they no long tense the skin.  Facial fillers, are thicker gels and silicones which are injected beneath the skin’s surface to soften out the wrinkles and lines.  Both can be used in conjunction with each other, and when carried out by an expert can result in a younger refreshed look.

During the Consultation

It is recommended that before proceeding with Botox or facial fillers for the first time that you have a consultation to discuss your goals, the costs, risks and pain management.  Your consultant may suggest that you just have facial fillers or Botox initially to see the results, or it may be that they think both treatments combined may give you the best results.

The consultation is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you have, and be shown before and after images of actual patients so you can see what results you should expect.

Facial Filler and Botox Treatment

The actual treatment time for Botox or facial fillers will likely be no longer than fifteen minutes, as both just involve injection of the substance in a number of places on your face.  However you will have to arrive early to fill out paperwork and also have topical anesthetic applied to your face to numb the inject sites so that the procedure goes comfortably for you.

Recovery time after the injections is minimal and you should be able to continue with your day as normal, resuming activities.  However, it is always advisable following any procedure to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for a 24 hour period.

The effects of Botox lasts for around six months before you will have to have the treatment again.  Meanwhile facial fillers tend to last from nine to twenty four months depending on which facial filler you opt. 

With Botox and facial fillers you can expect immediate results which will improve over the first week as the swelling subsides and redness disappears.  You will look in the mirror and see a younger, refreshed version of yourself, which will put a smile on your face without incurring too many wrinkles!  People who opt for Botox and facial fillers often decide to have them done repeatedly after the last treatment wears off and there are no indicators that either will cause medical complications if treated regularly.  Because both are quick and non-invasive treatments they are easily fitted into your regular routine.