CBD has taken the wellness community by storm and is impacting the lives of many across the country. This hemp-derived supplement has become a modern-day staple in the health industry thanks to its natural benefits helping millions nationwide. If you still have not tried CBD, you are not too late to join the party. We have put together this guide to help you before you buy CBD oil online.

Benefits of Pure CBD Oil

CBD is mostly sold online by manufacturers who specialize in items like CBD oils, edibles, beverages, and creams, among other CBD products. Each type of product has different advantages though they all deliver similar benefits because of how CBD interacts with receptors in our system. Through this interaction, CBD helps to keep our endocannabinoid system (ECS) healthy and balanced. The ECS plays a vital role in the regulation of functions like sleep, pain sensation, and stress management.

What Makes a Good CBD Brand?

There are hundreds of unreputable CBD brands out on the market today, so researching the companies before making a purchase is a crucial step in the process of finding a reliable CBD brand. Whether you are new to CBD or thinking of switching brands, there are various factors you should take into consideration if you are shopping for CBD products. Here are five of the most important tips to help you choose a trustworthy CBD brand:


This step is critical, especially if you want to avoid any form of legal trouble. Remember, while CBD can be obtained from hemp and marijuana, only CBD from hemp is legal at the federal level. Sure, consuming CBD from marijuana most likely won’t have significant legal consequences, but why even risk it in the first place?

By buying CBD from hemp rather than marijuana, you are also ensuring that you are purchasing products without THC, the psychoactive element in marijuana. This means you will not experience any significant side effects like the “high” associated with marijuana. If you want the best CBD oil, go the extra step and find a company that uses CO2 extraction which is known to be the safest and cleanest CBD extraction method.


Even if CBD extracts are obtained from the purest hemp plants, that doesn’t automatically equate to high-quality CBD products. Extraction is only half of the manufacturing process; production is the other equally important half. To ensure you are buying safe and high-quality CBD, look for CBD manufacturers that produce their formulas in an ISO6 cleanroom under the supervision of licensed pharmacists.

Typically used in scientific research and manufacturing, an ISO6 cleanroom is a carefully controlled space that has low levels of pollutants. The use of cleanrooms and professional pharmacists guarantees that CBD products are free of pesticides, solvents, and other unnatural substances.

Lab Tests and Results

Even though this step is not strictly necessary in the manufacturing process, nowadays independent lab testing has become a standard practice among the best CBD brands. Third-party lab testing refers to the process in which CBD brands send their raw finished products to independent laboratories for examination. This includes making sure formulas don’t contain THC and ensuring the CBD content matches the information on the labels.

Since third-party lab testing has become synonymous with quality, many CBD brands have begun to claim they test all their products. So how do you know if they really test their CBD? Simply browse for their lab test results on their site. If lab test results are not available to their visitors, consider that a red flag.


Extraction methods, production, and lab testing are essential to helping you choose high-quality CBD; however, other factors cannot be objectively measured such as product flavor and a company’s customer service. Even if you think you have found the perfect CBD brand, navigating through their reviews section is never a bad idea.

Customer reviews can give you a solid idea of what to expect from a product or company beyond their CBD content. Do their CBD oils taste like dirt? Do they have friendly customer support representatives? Does shipping take longer than desired?  You can probably find the answer to these and other important questions in the comments/reviews section.

Customer Service

One of the most significant warning signs you can find in a CBD brand is poor customer service. If a company is not willing to answer your questions about their products directly and honestly, you should take that as a major sign of concern. A company that has nothing to hide will offer transparent information via their FAQ section or through friendly customer support. Before making a purchase, verify that they have a valid customer support number and email.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me

Ever since CBD began experiencing a surge in demand, CBD products have slowly started to hit the shelves of local supermarkets, pharmacies, and supplement stores. While this may seem convenient for most consumers, the range of CBD products available in physical stores can be somewhat limited. For a wider range of CBD options such as CBD gummies and premium CBD oil, find a CBD store online that complies with all the criteria listed above.