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Are you wondering where to buy hunting land?  Whether you enjoy the occasional hunting break with your friends or you regularly hunt on someone else’s land under license, you’ve probably thought about the all American dream of owning your very own slice of the USA countryside, where you can build a ranch, and hunt your own land.  Whether this is a dream or a reality into which you’re about to invest, hunting land can be less expensive that you think, and open up a total lifestyle change for you and your family.

Where to Buy Hunting Land

There are online land brokers that collate sales information on land available across all US states.  Land can vary from small plots of countryside, perhaps lakeside plots for building a home on, to large estates which provide the opportunity for investment into hunting, fishing or ranching.  Some plots of land already have properties built on them and are connecting via to road links, electricity and water supplies, while others are virgin plots, requiring building permits and connecting to the grid if you require it.

One of the largest online brokers we found has a network of over 4000 estate agents across 500 locations in the US, and list thousands of land plots and properties suitable for countryside living.  Whether you’re investing as an individual, as a family, with a group of friends or as a corporation, there will be land that meets your requirements. 

There are many large luxury ranches available which already have owner and rental accommodation, ready to be turned into a profitable hunting or fishing destination.  Some have lakes, rivers, often forests and hills, beautiful landscapes for you and your visitors to enjoy.

Some great investment ideas for land include having vacation property on your land that is let to holiday makers wanting to enjoy life on a ranch, hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, cycling, climbing, or whatever else your land and the surrounding natural habitat has to offer them.  If you add such value to your land yourself by gaining the correct permits, having the accommodation built and building up a clientele you will have add a lot of value to your land investment, and such businesses and land packets can be sold at great profit to corporations who are building country retreat empires, and also individuals and families who want a viable business in the countryside which will allow them to relocate form the city and enjoy the country life.

Types of Ranches

There are many types of ranches to consider, there are equestrian ranches which either breed and train horses, or ranch wild horses.  There are cattle ranches for calving or beef production, and even some rare breeds cattle ranches for animals such as bison.  There are dude ranches which are holiday destinations for people wanting to enjoy life on a ranch for a week or long weekend.  And there are larger ranches split into ranchettes for people who want to enjoy the ranch lifestyle but don’t have the money to invest in a large ranch.