Half of America struggles with chronic back pain. Every year, over 264 million workdays are lost for this very reason. The human back has such a complicated structure that it can be difficult to definitively identify the cause of back pain.

One thing is certain — it may require a variety of approaches to alleviating back pain. It may interfere with your regular routine and require you to adapt. You may find yourself repeating the same remedy for years to get some relief. 

So what to do for back pain? Check out the options below. 

1. Strength-Training

The core of the human body is the midsection. When referring to the core, this involves all the muscles in this region. Strengthening core muscles can help support the back and improve chronic back pain. 

A stronger back will help reduce the risk of painful back injuries.

2. Pedorthic Help

All parts of the human body are interconnected and interdependent. In fact, wearing the right shoes will affect back health. A pedorthist is a medical professional who can ensure you are wearing the right shoes to support your back structure. 

Chiropractors, like those at https://chiropractors.sg/, can provide pain relief and help you find the right pedothist. 

3. More Vitamins

The spine has tons of bones, so make sure you are taking the right vitamins to keep those bones strong. The most important ones to take include vitamin D and calcium. 

Calcium is is a mineral that helps build bone in the body. It makes up a large percentage of human bones and teeth. It is necessary to keep enough calcium in the body to keep bones strong. 

Vitamin D helps maintain bone and muscle strength because it helps the body absorb calcium. Scientific research has shown that adequate intake of vitamin D reduces spinal disc degeneration and, as a result, improves back pain.

4. Yoga Practice

Strength training isn’t the only exercise your back needs — stretching is essential too. Not only can yoga work your core, but it can make sure you’re stretching enough. Without stretching, the muscles let tension build up, making them tighter and shorter, causing a lot of unnecessary pain.

5. Improve Posture

Of course, it doesn’t help the back to sit slouched over all day. It may seem painful to sit up straight, but that is a red flag that the back muscles are weak and need more exercise. Improving posture helps back pain because it actually puts less strain on the back muscles. 

6. Sleeping Tricks

One simple trick to alleviate back pain when sleeping is to sleep with a pillow under the knees. This helps avoid putting too much pressure on your spine and maintains the normal curve of the lower back. 

Another trick is to make sure you get the right amount of sleep for your body. Too little sleep 

More on What to Do for Back Pain

This is not the definitive list of what to do for back pain. Other techniques, like meditation, breathing and mindfulness, and even cognitive behavioral therapy can help with pain management. Don’t forget to stock up on hot and cold devices to help ease the pain when you feel it. 

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