The American College of Acupuncture is a college based in Houston which specializes in the education of both acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Last year I finished a single year post grad Masters degree here and I must say that it is one of the finest colleges which I have seen. For those of you with an interest in studying a post grad course at the college, there are 2 Masters Courses and 2 Doctorate courses available, with topics including healthcare as well as administration and management. Should you decide to study here like I did, here are just some of the benefits which you will receive.

Depth of Learning

It is important to realize that these courses are not for enthusiasts or hobbyists, they are in-depth courses which teach you about the history, the practice, the theory and the modern approach to these traditional and ancient techniques. The goal of the college is not just to encourage more people to continue this form of medicine but also to prepare its students for a career in acupuncture and traditional medicine, this is why they cover administration, management and leadership on top of the technical knowledge.

Quality of Professors

I was stunned by the quality of the professors which they have at the college and they are much of the reason why this is one of the most widely respected colleges of its type in the country. During my time at the college I learned that many of the professors have studied and traveled throughout China and Asia to enhance their knowledge and hone their techniques, there are even some Asian professors here who are 4th and 5th generation medical experts.


Some friends of mine have attended other colleges of this ilk and when we compare notes it is so clear that the American College of Acupuncture is up there with the very best. One thing in particular which the college has that others don’t is a busy in-house clinic where students are able to put their theory into practice. It is all well and good learning from books or teachings, but it is not until you are able to actually try out what you are learning that you can truly get to grips with it.

Personal Benefits

Almost each day at the college I learned something that amazed me about the human body or the plants which grow naturally and the wonders of what they are able to do for the human body. What this inspired in me was to approach the way that I was living in a completely different way, a more healthy way in fact. Since the second month of being at the college I have drastically changed my own health regimen and lifestyle and I have no doubt that the same will happen with you.

These in-depth and high quality courses are a great option for post grad students.