Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint Around The World

When it comes to ways to reduce carbon footprint around the world the majority probably believe that it is the big corporations which need to change, and you would be quite right. The biggest polluters around the world are most certainly those big industries with dirty factories which pump out all manner of toxic chemicals into the Earth’s atmosphere. You may not feel that your actions can in fact do anything to reverse the effects of climate change, but the reality is not quite as simple.

There is in fact a great deal which you can be doing that is going to have a massive impact on how these companies operate. If we all get on board as one, we can in fact make a huge difference, and here is how.

Eating Less Meat

One of the worst offenders when it comes to polluting the Earth’s atmosphere is the meat industry and if we are all able to reduce or completely give up meat, then we can make a huge dent in reversing the damage which has been done. There are a number of ways in which this industry pollutes the planet, from the level of water which is used to the millions of acres of rainforest which is razed so that they can plant crops for animals. Beyond this the methane alone of those animals in cages has a great impact on the O-zone layer. Eating less meat would reduce demand and cause an issue for this industry.

Buying Second Hand

Anther big offender here is the textiles industry who use a plethora of harmful chemicals in the creation of low cost clothing. The reason why this exists is because low cost clothing sounds great and therefore there is a huge reliance on it. What happens unfortunately is that because clothing is so cheap, it becomes very disposable and that means that there is juts a constant demand for it. If however we all got back into the habit of reusing clothing, donating it and buying second hand items instead of constantly buying new and low cost items, we can make a big stand against this industry and that in turn could certainly help the planet.

Supporting Charities

It is widely considered that if we don’t do something now, then it will be too late to truly help the planet and to reverse the damage which has been done.  This is why one of the simplest things that you could do for the planet would be to support charities which are focused on making a big difference. There are charities looking into reforestation efforts, others which are trying to change the law to make companies more accountable and wildlife charities fighting hard to save the landscape in which we live. A small donation or even some action on your part could certainly help these charities out and give them the support they need to keep up their efforts.

There is always something that we can do.