Many women who have survived breast cancer feel proud of their accomplishments, as they should. But it is often bittersweet, particularly if they have had to have a mastectomy and have lost all or part of their breasts. Anyone who has gone through this should be offered reconstructive surgery. Hence, there is a real need for plastic surgery breast reconstruction in Los Angeles, but it is also very important that women understand what this surger entails and how to find the best professional to complete it. After all, the goal is to empower women to make the choices that are right for them.

Why Do Women Look for Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction in Los Angeles?

Not every women who has had breast cancer and who has lost part or all of her breast will want reconstructive surgery. However, many do and they feel as if they have lost part of their female identity. They feel as if the very thing that gave them a feminine shape also tried to kill them and they want to show the world that they will not be brought down by that. By having breast reconstruction surgery, women look “normal” again and, for many, that means feeling more “normal” as well. Again, however, it must be stressed that there are many women who do not want to have surgery at all, instead embracing their new look. There are no right or wrong answers to this, just personal choice based on informed knowledge.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon

Those women who do want to have reconstructive surgery must spend some time finding a surgeon that is right for their needs. Naturally, this professional should be highly experienced in the work that they do. At the same time, they should be understanding of the difficulties that women have gone through when they find themselves in this situation. It is equally important that they offer a safe, clinically clean environment in which the procedure will be completed, and this environment should also be fully supportive.

Anyone looking for a surgeon should, for a large part, trust their gut feelings. They have to feel that they can ask any questions and discuss any concerns they may have. It is for this reason that good surgeons will always offer a free, no obligation consultation for prospective patients. No woman should ever feel pressured into making a decision.

If your breast has been removed, you may feel that breast reconstruction surgery will make you feel whole again. Many women agree with you and believe that, without their breasts, they are no longer “whole”, both physically and emotionally. However, breast reconstruction surgery is quite invasive so it is very important that you are in good health and that you are ready to take on this next procedure. A good physician will be able to determine this, while at the same time giving you realistic expectations in terms of what the outcome of the procedure is likely to be.