If you are on the lookout for a fun and easy to use boat then look no further than the wonderful pontoon. Up here in Kanabec County, Minnesota you can get yourself all kinds of pontoon boats, and join in the fun when we all head to the water each evening and weekend. If you happen to come up this way with your boat then I would recommend you to visit the brilliant Tramms Pontoons who are experts with pontoon boats and just about any kind of welding, for boats and otherwise. If you aren’t sure whether or not a pontoon boat is for you, review this facts and then make a decision.

 Long Lasting

A pontoon boat really is one which will last you for generations and you will be able to hand it on to the kids once you reach a ripe old age. Not only is the pontoon very durable and easy to repair, it is also a design which is absolutely timeless. When I go out on the water here in Kanabec County I see pontoons dating back to the 60s which still look absolutely great.

 Easy Going

 Pontoons are probably the easiest boats that you will ever drive and this means that all of the family can have a go. The boat is not too fast and the fact that it is lightweight means that it is super simple to maneuver. If you have someone in the family who is just getting their water wings, this is the perfect boat to get them in.


 With some boats like ski boats and large, heavy boats, many people have issues when it comes to docking them, this is not something that you’ll struggle with in a pontoon. Whether driving straight up, reversing in or mooring on the side, the pontoon is very dextrous and very simple to dock.

 Insurance Costs

 Because of the fact that the pontoon is a cheap and low powered boat, the insurance on it costs next to nothing in comparison to larger boats which pack more of a punch. In fact you can easily get your pontoon insured for around $30 per month, which makes it an affordable boat no matter how often you happen to be able to use it. A recent consumer report found that these were the cheapest boats on the market to insure.


There is so much space up on deck that you probably won’t know what to do with it. Personally I like to use the storage on the deck for all manner of things but I have some friends who have opened the deck up, placed sun beds and even a bar on the deck of their pontoon. There is so much space that you will have carte blanche to do whatever you want to do up there!