Things to do in El Paso This Winter

El Paso is one of the best border towns in the country, offering unique combinations of flavor, culture, and fun. If you’re in town this winter, you may think you’re here during the off-season, but there’s so much to do and see here that you could never get bored! Whether you want to stop in and see a ballet or check out a farmers market, there’s nothing like this city.

These are the top things to do while in El Paso this winter and why seasons can’t hold this city back!  

Enjoy Live Music and Food Trucks on December 24th.

Live music is one of the most exciting things we can experience! The fast beats, incredible skills, and awesome entertainment can make us feel more connected to our communities and put us into motion. On December 24th, Barnett Harley-Davidson is offering a social get-together for three hours on December 24th! This gathering will give you a chance to eat, dance, get to know locals, and have a great time.  

Support the Downtown Artist and Farmers Market on December 24th

El Paso’s artists make this city the incredible place it is. On Christmas Eve, El Paso is going to be hosting a farmers market with local farmers and artists offering the awesome things they’ve made. Here you can enjoy live music, fantastic art, and a sense of community unlike any other. Food and drinks will be available for purchase, but this is only a three-hour event! Make sure to get there. 

Watch the Nutcracker on December 31st

If you want a boost of whimsical fun in the midst of looking for El Paso houses for sale, you’ll want to check out this live performance of The Nutcracker. At home in the Plaza Theater, this Christmas version of the Nutcracker will move and excite everyone who comes. This tradition is one of a kind, yet it connects people of all ages and backgrounds.

Happening near the El Paso Museum of History. Feel free to make a day out of hanging out in downtown El Paso! 

Go to a Live Concert in January 

Countless performers will be heading to El Paso in January! We have everything from EPSYO to Soulfly, Jon Stringer, and a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar! These are all fun and range in price and availability depending on when admission starts.  

Live concerts are the best way to relax and get in motion in the coldest time of the year.

Have Fun Learning Music History on January 31st

History and music sing a gorgeous duet on January 31st of, 2023! This fantastic event walks you through a list of musical stars who have performed here, show their places in history, and helps you connect with the celebrities that got their start in this amazing city.

Having Fun in the Winter Rocks! 

Although winter tends to chase people inside with chilly air and overcast skies, don’t let it keep you from experiencing El Paso! This great border town has something for everyone and can make any vacation spectacular.