Are you relocating to another state and need to move your car as well?  There are several ways to get it done and they are:-

Driving the car yourself – This is the cheapest option but it can be stressful and tiring to drive cross country and sometimes it is dangerous too especially driving in adverse weather condition.

Hiring a driver – This option reduces stress and saves time but it is also risky to hand your keys to a stranger. It is also not very cost effective because you may have to pay for gas, food and lodging if the drive requires more than a day.

Hire the service of an auto transport company –  This is the most common way to transport a car cross-country and it involves transporting your car on a large trailer.  The cost of shipping depends on a few factors such as below-

Distance: The further the distance, the more fuel is required and this will increase the cost.

Duration: Just like mail deliveries, the faster you want your vehicle transported, the more expensive it can get.

There are thousands of auto transport companies and if you have never hired one before, searching for the right one can seem like a daunting task.  You may feel lost and don’t know how to pick the best one or how to avoid scammers.  This is where online shipping platform like Shiply can help.  It can connect you to a reliable auto transport company that meets your requirements and transport your car safely.   Learn more by clicking on this link.

The types of car transport available

When it comes to selecting an auto transport carrier, there are two choices available and they are as mentioned below.

  • Open shipping where the transport carrier is a large trailer with several levels of cars.  It is the most common way to transport a car across the country. Your vehicle is loaded onto an open carrier and is driven together with other vehicles to your new home or another location.  The cars are unprotected and expose to outside elements. 
  • Enclosed shipping is when the vehicles go inside a container. This will keep the cars protected from outside elements and road debris.  This option is an excellent choice for high value cars like sports cars or classic cars.   This method usually cost around 50% more than open shipping.

Both these options have their benefits and drawbacks.

Moving a car cross country is not a simple process.  It involves lots of preparation and planning ahead as well as getting the car ready to be picked up.  Below is the car shipping checklist to prepare your car for pickup.

  • Wash your car thoroughly so that you can see your car better for possible damage during transit.
  • Clean the interior of the car and remove things that are not secured to avoid being tossed around inside during transit. Also remove all electronics, cables or chargers.
  • Check your car tires and battery to ensure that your car is driveable.  Do not forget to top off your fluids and oil.
  • Perform a test on your emergency break.
  • Make sure that your gas tank is about a quarter full because the more gas your car has, the heavier it weighs.  This will increase the cost.