Arlo - Best NYC Steakhouses

At Arlo Hotel, our staff often receive inquiries about the “best” things in town. Whether it’s the best views (our rooftop bar – A.R.T. NoMad or A.R.T SoHo), pizza, hot dog stand, or museum. These lists are always subjective, but that doesn’t stop us from making recommendations. One of our favorite lists of “bests” is for steakhouses. There’s something magical about the New York City steakhouse, especially those that exemplify the city’s history and charms. As the pandemic fades, more steakhouses are opening their indoor dining rooms. That provides opportunities for locals and visitors to enjoy one of the best New York City eating experiences.

The first establishment on our list is the 2nd oldest in the city – Keens Steakhouse. It’s located in the Garment District and serves up old school charm and amazing dishes including a legendary mutton chop that’s possibly the best in the country. Another old-school favorite is Gallaghers Steakhouse, which originally opened as a speakeasy in 1927. Besides the amazing food, Gallaghers is also a visual delight, as the restaurant’s meat cooler is visible from the street, and patrons can see their steaks cooking over charcoal to perfection. Located in the Theater District, Gallaghers features classic NYC atmosphere and backs it up with extraordinary steaks and sides.

For a different steak experience, visit COTE, a Korean steakhouse located a block from the iconic Flatiron Building. It offers delicious Korean BBQ-style food, including perfectly seared steaks accompanied by the restaurant’s top-shelf cocktails.

Across the bridge in Williamsburg, our Arlo Hotel staff recommend guests check out DeStefano’s Steakhouse for classic ambiance and a great porterhouse for two. It’s a great way to end a day exploring Manhattan and the five boroughs, as you raise a glass and dive into a juicy steak.