People love to play table games at both land-based as well as online casinos like best online blackjack casinos for Australians. These games mostly originate from Europe and have undergone numerous transformations through centuries of play to reach their perfected condition. 


Craps is a dice board game that came from Europe. According to some beliefs, the game originated in Ancient Rome and it was played using knucklebones. Over time, it changed and came to New Orleans at the start of the 19th century. Craps tables are mostly crowded with both players as well as spectators who enjoy the thrill of observing the game. It’s easy to play and thrilling which is why it is so popular. Players roll the dice in turns and they bet on the results of the rolls. It’s also a game that offers good odds to its players making it highly profitable. Additionally, if you play at land-based casinos, there is usually a code of ethics to be followed. 


Another game that comes from Italy but not Ancient Rome but 15th century Italy. The version now commonly played has been perfected in Cuba in the 1940s. It is a cardboard game with very simple rules. A player can bet on a tie, on the dealer’s hand, on the player’s hand or even on all three. The best hand is the one that is closest to 9 or is 9. Aces value one and face cards are worth 0. When the hand goes above 9 it gets subtracted by 10 so a hand of 8+3 would have a value of 1. Baccarat games are usually played in separate rooms. 


Roulette also comes from Europe and its origins are traced to Venice, Italy and it was perfected in France in the 18th century. There are two main types of roulette, the European and the American. The European has 0 zero and the American has two zeroes making the house edge a bit higher. Roulette is very easy to play and it is entirely a game of chance. There are 36 numbers of whom 18 are red and 18 black and one or two zeroes and the player bets on where the ball is going to land when the wheel spins. 

The two games worth of mentioning are also Blackjack and three-card poker. Both are cardboard games and highly popular across the globe