Being a Great Friend

Do you have a great friend in your life? If so then you are, much like me, a very lucky person because not enough people have someone that they can truly count on. It is actually quite concerning when people believe that they have a good friend but in reality, it is just a relationship which is convenient and doesn’t actually provide the person with anything. This is why I believe that I am very lucky to have the amazing Tatiana Regan as my good friend, a woman who I admire greatly and a woman who has provided me with a wonderful friendship for many years. It always frustrates me when I see people talk about their ‘wonderful friends’ who in fact let them down very often. I am blessed to have Tatiana Regan as a friend and here is why.  

Always There 

I am always frustrated by those social media comments which talk about how you can not see a friend for a decade and then catch up like you saw each other yesterday. The reason is because I believe that this person should be your friend if you get on so well, not someone who’s life you will miss out on for a decade. During that amount of time you cannot possibly be there for your friend. For me however, Tatiana is there for everything and all of the good and bad things that have happened to me in life have happened whilst she has been around, and I am so thankful for that.  

Adding Value  

Something which I have always expected from a friend is that they add value to my life, and this is something which I can definitely say about Tatiana Regan. Tatiana is my greatest inspiration and my best motivator, and I know that I am a more empathetic and more compassionate person because I am friends with her. There are so many things that I admire about Tatiana Regan that have rubbed off on me and that is something which I feel very good about. Many people will say that you can measure a person by the company that they keep, and I firmly believe that to be true.

Calling Out 

Tatiana Regan does not just inspire me to be someone better, she also works hard and keeps me in line when I need it. This is always done from a place of love of course and it is usually to encourage me to go after something and to remember my worth. A prime example would be last year when I decided not to go for a job which I wanted because I didn’t believe that I would be able to do it. Tatiana went crazy with me about how good I am and how I needed to understand that, so I went for the job and I got it! I would never have gone for that job if it wasn’t for my great friend Tatiana Regan.

Ask yourself honestly, are you surrounded by a great group of friends?