We very often put great lawyers like Stacey L Tokunaga in the same category as doctors when it comes to how society views them. Of course the depends on which aspect of the law they work in, but in the main we all appreciate how hard it is to become a lawyer and the great work that they do in ensuring everyone gets a fair trial and finds justice. Stacey is a good friend of mine and something which people don’t see about these men and women, which as I friend I do, is just how much this profession affects their personal lives. Here are some of the challenges which lawyers face away from the job.

Emotional Cases

For many lawyers they are dealing with cases which provoke a great deal of emotion which they mustn’t show during their working hours. Some of the things which criminal lawyers have to see and hear in court can be quite harrowing and no matter how much you switch off your emotions, that stuff can affect you away from the job. Stacey has told me on numerous occasions that he has lay in bed at night and the emotions have gotten the better of him. It just shows how amazing these men and women really are.


Lawyers work extremely long hours and that has a huge impact on their personal life. Many lawyers miss large parts of their children growing up, they miss time with their loved ones and friends. Even if I am simply trying to organize a night out with Stacey it can be difficult and he very often has to cancel because of the demands of the job. It is expected that lawyers work hard but very few realize the personal sacrifice which they make.


Many jobs are stressful and being a lawyer is one of the most stressful which you can do. Sleepless nights are commonplace with these professionals as they worry about the outcome of a case, how they can do better, what they can learn from defeat and ultimately how to be the very best at what they do. Many lawyers need to find a way of getting rid of this stress from their jobs and try to find ways in which to relax.


Lawyers have to keep a lot of secrets about the cases that they are working on and that too can bring with it a number of challenges. Bottling something like  this up and not being able to speak about it with your partner or your family is difficult and they must be very careful what they say about their job. This may not sound like much but keeping in this information and the feelings and emotions they have regarding it can be tiresome and taxing.

The reason why we respect these men and women so much is because of the outstanding work which they do and the personal sacrifices that they make.