Last year my girlfriend Stacey L Tokunaga went to Europe for the very first time and of course, during that trip she was going to be spending a little while in my home country, the UK. Something which has long bothered me when people go to the UK is that they think London is the be all and end all. There is nothing wrong with London of course, it is a really great city. Stacey knew how I felt about this so actually asked me to recommend some other places in the UK that she could visit after spending a couple of days in London. Stacey loved seeing more of the country and these are the destinations I’d suggest for anyone else who is visiting.


Cornwall is on the south west coast of the UK and it is reachable by train from London in just over 3 hours. This is a gorgeous county in the UK which comprises of lengthy coastline and thick forest land. The beaches are here are simply stunning and because of its geographical proximity to northern France, the weather here is always far better than the rest of the country. This is a beautiful place which you are going to love.


The Scottish capital city of Edinburgh has to be visited during your time in the UK, and you can get very low cost flights up there from London, or grab a train which will take around 7 hours. Edinburgh is a surprisingly tranquil capital city which perfectly combines natural beauty with all of the modern trappings of a big city. Here you can explore the  medieval castle and the Scottish traditional food and drinks, as well as finding some great shopping opportunities, needless to say at a lower cost than you’ll find in London.


Liverpool was voted the European City of Culture back in 2008 and a visit to this city in the north west of England will be well worthwhile. The birthplace of the Beatles and one of Europe’s most successful ever football teams, this city is a melting pot of styles and cultures. The port of the city has been heavily used for centuries and this is why there is such influences throughout the city and its docks.

Lake District

Away from the cities you simply must get stuck into a bit of a nature during your time in this beautiful nation and the Lake District is the best place to do just that. This massive national park features hills, crags, lakes, mountains and caves, all of which are just waiting to be explored. Dotted throughout the land is small villages where you can stay, and there is plenty of walks, bike rides and activities to get involved with if you so wish. Alternatively you could just enjoy some real peace and quiet in this idyllic landscape.

See London by all means, but don’t forget about the rest of the UK during your visit.