Men are always trying to find out what turns women on and when they do, they notice that it is not always the obvious thing. Yes women love great looking men, and men with money, but there are other characteristics that can trump both of these. Here is a list of things that women find sexy in a man and the great news for men is that anyone can possess them.

Men Who Wear Sexy Swimwear

It is common knowledge that men go gaga for women who wear and look great in sexy swimwear. But it is less talked about how much women love to see men in sexy swimwear as well. Men who wear sexy men’s swimwear show that they have confidence in how they look and want to display this to anyone who wants to see.

Today’s swimwear manufacturers have responded with sexy, high quality swimwear for men that accentuates their bodies and makes them look great. The best quality men’s swimwear is made with tricot knit spandex, which provides superior stretch and structure for a perfect fit, and it remains comfortable both in and out of the water. Women have responded positively to this uptick in men’s swimwear fashion and you can see their comments on social media about men in sexy swimsuits confirming this. So if you want to turn on the average woman wear sexy swimwear.

Men Who Listen

Men are notorious for being in a conversation with women but not actually listening to anything they have to say. This has gone from a light hearted thing to something serious because women are realizing that if their guy is not listening, they will never get what they really want. So they are demanding more today that men listen to what they have to say and actually be in a conversation. For those guys that get it, they find that women want to get closer to them and want them around more. So guys when she has something important to say, put down the video game controller or cell phone, look her in the eyes and ask her what she has to say. It is a big turn on for her.

Polite Men

Most men think that women like rude boys who constantly treat them badly but that is simply not true. Women still love a gentleman who will open doors for them and help them into and out of their seats. Politeness shows that you are really paying attention and will do the small things to make them more comfortable and happy. When you act this way, they want to make you comfortable and happy too. So it is sort of a “one person scratching the back of the other person” type of thing, and women love to get gifts. They find it very sexy.

Men with Compassion

Compassion means that you feel empathy and caring for other people, animals and even the planet. Men who feel this way go out of their way to spend time doing things that benefit others and women love this characteristic in a man. With so many challenges facing us every day women find it sexy that a man can find the time and energy to take on other things. IT shows that he will also think about her no matter what is going on in his life and she finds that really attractive.