If you are visiting Mexico City then this is a post which will hopefully help you to get a better understanding of how to get around the city. I have lived here now for just over 2 years and I have more than scratched the surface when it comes to living here. I used to visit here every 6 months or so to visit my friend Rose Burillo who has a restaurant here, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it my home. If you are visiting then you are going to have a great time, but this is a big place and here is how you can get around.


The mode of transport which I use most is the Metrobus, a great service which runs throughout the city. There are 9 lines of the Metrobus and the reason why I like it the most is that thesis has its own lane, which means that it doesn’t get stuck in traffic. This city is horrendous for traffic and that is something which you have to bear in mind when you are here.


There is an expansive metro network in the city but I have to say that it is not the greatest metro system around. It is cheap however and that is why so many use it. My advice would probably be not to use the metro, the trains are outdated and the stations are not very safe.

Private Rental

There are 4 private rentals here in the city, we have Uber, DiDi, Cabify and Beat, and the beauty of using these here is that they are super cheap. If you were to travel 10km in let’s say, 40 minutes, you can expect an average cost here of around $6, absolutely dirt cheap. This is a great way to get around but you have to anticipate a great deal of traffic, there is just no getting away from it.


The city has the EcoBici service which is the same as many cities around the world. You need to sign up and register online, and then you can simply grab a bike when you see the bike station, the first 30 minutes are free too which means that you may find you won’t be paying anything for the service at all. We also have a number of electric scooters which you can also rent, there are a number of companies which offer those.

And finally there are many places in the city which are beautiful to walk around. For example the likes of Polanco, Condesa and Roma Norte are all nice and interesting places to wander through. We also have the fabulous Chapultepec Park which is idea for spending the day walking around or cycling through. Ultimately there is a great deal of options when it comes to getting around this enormous city of ours. Any more questions which you have, just pop them in the comments section below.