When it comes to investing in the home on elf the last places where most people will spend their money is on their garden. This wasn’t certainly the case for me when I moved up to Alberta, Canada last year, as the home needed quite a bit of work. The reason why I left the garden for so long is because I just felt that it would be so expensive. After completing the house I got to talking to my neighbor Ron Cadman, local gardener, who actually told me it wouldn’t be overly expensive and that he’d give me a hand. I went to see a lender to borrow a small amount of money and we got it looking great, well I’d be a fraud if I didn’t tell you that Ron did 90% of the work, but I did help. I didn’t realize the power of investing in your garden and here is why it is important.

Added Value

Out of curiosity we got our home valued after the renovation work both inside and out and when the valuer came out to see the home, the same one who had valued it prior to us buying, he even remarked that the garden should boost the price a bit. House hunters across Canada and the USA are looking for places with gardens already in place, so that they can enjoy the outdoor space and so that they don’t have to do it themselves.

Using The House

Imagine if you had a bathroom or bedroom in the home that was just off limits, in a bad state and unusable, that would seem slightly absurd wouldn’t it? Well this is the case when it comes to having a garden that you can’t use, only on a larger scale. There is no point in having this huge area of the house if you cannot use it. Yet another reason as to why you should invest in your garden.


 I never really thought that the state of the garden bothered me but since I have invested in it I have realized just how much I missed not having `a garden. One of my favorite things to do each morning is to open up the curtains and gaze across the garden, it really does put me in a good mood for the day. Even if you are sitting there now thinking that you aren’t really bothered about what your garden looks like, I can assure you that once it is completed, you will change your tune.


We absolutely love inviting people over to the garden for a barbecue or some afternoon drinks and this is another great benefit of having a garden which you can use and enjoy. We used to get a bit envious of the people who held garden parties, but since investing in the garden we can now do exactly the same.