Robert Testagrossa - Tips on Surviving Crypto Investments

There are more people investing in cryptocurrency than ever before, and whilst this is encouraging for the market, there are many who have to be careful with how they invest. Most investors have never invested in anything before, and that is why it is critical that they all take steps to be careful with regards to their investments. Experts in the industry like Robert Testagrossa are very supportive of newcomers, but they often warn them of the dangers of investing in this market.

If you wish to jump on the crypto train, here are some tips on making sure that you do well.

Prepare For The Ride

One of the most important points to make here is that this is an incredibly volatile market and that means you have to have a strong stomach if you are going to make money through your investments. The price of crypto coins can swing a huge amount in a short space of time, and this causes many to panic and make bad decisions. If you see the market dump hard and panic sell, you will be missing out on profits, equally if you see the market pumping hard and buy, you could lose money quickly too. Go in for the long haul and be sure to ignore the volatility of the market.

Twitter Dangers

Twitter can be a great place for you too find out about new alt coins which could pump hard and make you a nice amount of money. With this being said however, there are many people who are unscrupulous and who will use the likes of Twitter to sell a coin which is pretty worthless. This is why you must always investigate exactly what you are buying before you part with any money. What they will do is create a coin, pay bots to tweet about it and then watch the price rise as people buy. What will then happen is that they will dump the coins they have, the price will crash, they will cash in and you will lose out. This is why it is always critical that you have fully researched the coin before you buy it.

Know What You Want

The best way to manage your investments is knowing what it is that you are looking to get out of this. If you are looking to make millions overnight then this just won’t happen, if however you are happy to let your investment ride for the long term, you will have more faith and more patience when you are investing. If you are simply looking to make a few thousand, this will help you to decide when you are going to get your money out after a pump. All of your actions will be based on what exactly you are looking to get out of this kind of investment.

Take your time, keep your wallet secure and be patient, do this and you will be able to survive in the world of crypto.