Ah, hobbies, the things in life that keep you from dying of boredom. You can’t just be all work without any other sort of play in your life. That would probably make you go crazy. Instead, you may have tried out a book club or wine testing…Perhaps you even learned a new sport. But all these hobbies sound a bit dull, don’t they? Well, here are some of the more obscure hobbies that may perk your interest. They’re cheap and easy to get into. So, why not get started with one of them?

Cactus Collector

Perhaps the miracle of childbirth isn’t for you, and you don’t have a garden to get into gardening, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t become a potted plant parent? Cactus plants are some of the easiest plants to look after and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you feed them and give them enough sunlight then there is nothing to fear from them. Keeping plants (in particular cacti) are the perfect way to make you feel productive and responsible. It’s like watching a child grow and know that you have had an input on their lives. Becoming a cacti parent will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.


So, when it comes to cooking you can either do it by yourself or perhaps get yourself a hot date to cook for, after all, there are plenty of hot Candyshop escorts who are looking for a man who can cook.  Either way, cooking is the sort of hobby where you can try out all sorts of meals and either give them to loved ones or maybe even host a bake sale. Whether you want to cook full meals or bake sweet deserts is entirely up to you, but you can get a ton of cookery books and try out tons of recipes that sound appealing to you. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking like a pro and may even want to consider hosting your dinner party if you think you are good enough. These sort of events are the perfect way to try out your new skills. Just make sure to pick dishes that everyone else likes!


Okay, so this one isn’t obscure in the sense of being a hobby that no one does. However, the “uniqueness” of this hobby can come from how and what you paint. Don’t just look at a piece of paper and decide to doodle on it. Grab a mug and paint a design on it. It can be modernist or perhaps something classical. Just grab some acrylics and you will be well on your way to designing your household items. Painting is extremely therapeutic and is great for lowering your stress levels.

If you think painting isn’t really for you, but still fancy colouring something in, you can start by using adult colouring books. These are full of blank designs that need a strong and stable hand to help fill them in. Some books are just pretty designs, but some are a lot of funnier, including books that have your colour in swear words, horror situations or just adult themes. Pick your favourite and start shading away.


No, embroidery is not just for old women with too much time on their hands. You can create some amazing designs with a needle and thread. Don’t just limit yourself to a normal floral pattern. Instead, think about what images and phrases mean a lot to you. From there you can start designing blankets, cushions or even move onto clothes. The creative possibilities are endless!

Podcast & Documentary Buffs

Do you love binging on series on Netflix or Amazon? Well, why not expand your horizons by jumping on the latest podcasts or documentaries! These sort of talking series are perfect if you are looking for advice or are just interested in learning more about different topics in the world. You can watch them online or you can just download podcasts onto your phone. That way you can take them anywhere you go during the day. They are perfect if you are commuting on public transport and need a distraction.


If you enjoy going on treasure hunts, then why not go on the biggest one in your city? Geocaching involves looking up clues around your city that will lead you to a hidden treasure! The only twist is that once you have found it then you need to place a different treasure there in return. It’s a great way to explore your neighbourhood and get outdoors.


Learning skills is always a great move for any person who is feeling a little bored. Some people take up musical instruments, others flex their writing skills, but honestly, a really useful skill is coding. Whether you decide to do this through “Roblox” or decide to look at guides online, once you understand it then this can help you master your websites, and may even give you some extra knowledge that you can take to your workplace!


Everybody has a bucket list of things that they want to do before they get too old. That could involve travelling the world, or performing several shows or even just writing a book and publishing it. If you are feeling a little bored, it may be time for you to work on your bucket list. Write down everything that you’re hoping to achieve in life and get started working on it. From there you can go from the smaller achievements and work your way up to the tougher ones. That is truly time well spent.

How are you going to entertain yourself? 

There are so many hobbies that you can choose to keep yourself entertained. Don’t just limit yourself to one! Instead, pick a few that you’re interested in and get started. Life is about trying new things. Whether that means you run around outside or stay inside with a book, just relax and enjoy yourself. That way you can feel fulfilled and know that you are doing something that you genuinely love.

Have fun!