Any SEO firm worth its salt will keep up to date with the SEO market and how they can publish websites that will be the most visible. This will involve reading, learning, retaining and reusing the information that has been learnt. Some experts even predict the next thing that websites such as google are going to do to improve the websites that they allow to be most visible upon web searches. A current example of this is mobile technology, search engines are only interested in websites that will work on hand held devices and mobile phones, due to the amount of time and things that people do on their mobile phones, You can now have an equivalent web experience on a mobile phone to that on a PC or laptop and companies will not make your link very visible if it isn’t compatible with a mobile phone.

Also, with cyber-attacks being on the increase another buzz idea is keeping your sites and business safe. Search engines such as google are keen to praise and reward companies who have avoided cyber breaches and are using emerging technologies. This doesn’t have to just be the big companies who can throw thousands of dollars at avoiding attacks they are particularly keen on small businesses who take advanced security measures.

Security is a massive issue on the internet in general. We have seen over the last couple of years the introduction of a whole host of different technologies which interact with our devices and the web in general. Digital assistants have been a feature of our Android and iOS devices, but they are hardly used by the majority of the population. Google however has been encouraging people to use the technology available to them and have made investments in it for the future, to try and promote and encourage usage.

With the growing popularity of devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google home appearing in several rooms around your home, voice search and digital assistants are going to be here to stay and their popularity can only grow. It is therefore extremely worthwhile optimizing your own SEO for these devices if not all of your devices. It can be complicated, but the rewards are worth it.

Optimizing content for long tail keywords is a really useful and technologically advance system, people do not very often type or speak to these devices just using keywords, but as this would greatly help a search engine choose the right response to a keyword request it is something that search engines really believe in. They are also now fully adept to answer requests in natural language as this has now been built up over the years.

The majority of the ground work has now been done and an SEO structure is in place, it is now more a case of just keeping up to date with slight and subtle changes. You can find most of what you need to know on blogs or internet websites and the area of SEO is much more apparent and transparent then it was to begin with.