Whether or not you are on board with the legalization of recreational cannabis throughout Canada, it is hard to deny the fact that medical marijuana has many benefits for a variety of illnesses. If you are still in denial, you clearly aren’t paying attention to the medical research that has been conducted for decades now and the success that many people have found when using it. Even ancient cultures turned to weed for medicinal purposes – this was what it was used for before recreational using even began.

Marijuana is prescribed to treat just about everything, and one of the most common ailments it improves is chronic pain. If you are on board with medical cannabis and are a Canadian wanting to give it a go, click here to learn about receiving your license to grow your own medical marijuana from the comforts of your own home. Especially if you are interested in treating chronic pain issues – pain from an injury, headaches, disease, old age, surgery, or just about anything – check out the most popular strains for treating pain. When you’re in pain you don’t want to leave your home. That’s why cannabis delivery services such as Grassdoor are paving the way for cannabis and medical marijuana delivery.

Sour Kush

The indica-dominant strain of Sour Kush helps medical users of cannabis with both anxiety and pain. It is breeded form Sour Diesel and OG Kush and it has some of the best properties of both. You’ll feel uplifted – maybe even to the point of feeling giddy – and at times euphoric. Beware of using this before bed though, it is not known to help with sleep. It is best for treating pain throughout the morning and afternoon.

Blue Widow

Blue Widow is a common household name in the weed world. Recreational smokers like it just for its sweet aroma citrusy aftertaste, but it is popular in the medical world for other reasons. It has tons of anti-inflammatory qualities due to its high terpene counts, helping with everything from headaches to body aches. It is best to take a few puffs of BW in the evening when you don’t have much to do; you’ll begin to feel relaxed and drowsy after the tiniest bit of this weed.

White OG

White OG is not for everyone, especially not those new to cannabis. It is extremely powerful even in small doses, so new smokers beware. If you are suffering from severe pain and just want relief this is the weed for you. It is especially helpful from anyone suffering from severe spinal cord injury and is prescribed often by healthcare professionals for treating this issue.


ACDC has equal levels of CBD and THC, ideal for treating chronic pain in patients. Not only will it help with treating aches and pains of all kinds, it will leave you feeling relaxed, happy and focused. Since the THC levels aren’t too overwhelming you won’t feel any psychoactive effects from using ACDC (which is why lots of people looking for pain relief enjoy it). It is used for treatment of just about everything from anxiety, multiple sclerosis, pain, and even keeps the horrible symptoms of chemotherapy at bay.