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The average person spends around a third of their life at work, and probably a whole lot more of their brainpower is spent thinking about working. With such a significant proportion of our lifespan dedicated to our profession and our careers, it’s always worth trying to secure a job role that you enjoy, and that fulfills you in life. 

Too many people are stuck in roles that do nothing in satisfying them: jobs that don’t play to their interests and desires, and that’s sad. To combat this, here’s a look at some of the most fulfilling jobs in the world that dissatisfied individuals can consider. 

Of course, picking out the most fulfilling jobs will vary for the individual as everyone has different values. There are people who are creative who will be more fulfilled working in a creative industry making things, while there are others who prioritize caregiving and would do well in a nursing or teaching environment. However, regardless of your individual preferences, there are certain roles that have always been on top in various surveys and questionnaires. Here is a look at these particular job roles that have been voted as the most fulfilling jobs in the world, and why people in the role are so fond of it. 

Characteristics of a Satisfying Job

What makes a job satisfying and something that people feel fulfilled in boils down to a few main factors. Depending on the person, some criteria can outweigh others in terms of determining how satisfying a job is, but they’re all important things to consider. If your current role doesn’t tick any of these, then for your own sake, it may be worth looking at your options.


Money plays a part in helping one feel satisfied at work. The more you get paid, the better you feel about your job because it can make you feel more valued at work. However, money only plays a part to a certain extent. It appears that there is an upper limit of how much money you can earn before it stops being important. For most people, as long as they have enough money to live on and some extra for savings, then it may be better to go for a lower-paid job in a field you enjoy than one that doesn’t interest you. 


It’s pretty straightforward this, but if a role is constantly stressful, then most of the time, the job isn’t a fulfilling one. The only way around this is if the stress you put in is rewarded in some way. It’s better to replace that stress with a challenge, as overcoming a challenge can make you feel more accomplished. 

Positive Relationships 

Good relationships at work can turn a mediocre role into a great one, as a good team that you’re friends with can make you look forward to coming in. You don’t even have to be the best of friends to have positive relationships, as all it takes is the confidence that you can trust each other to be a support in the business and role. 

Company Culture 

The culture of a company can help a lot in dictating how satisfying it is. Some people have different desires for their culture: some like a laid back, chilled, and open-space environment, while others might feel more fulfilled with a more rigid structure. It simply depends on the individual. 

With some of the main characteristics of a fulfilling role identified, here’s a look at some of the highest-ranked job roles in terms of fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Chief Executive 

It’s no surprise that being an individual in a leadership position within a company is a satisfying one. This may be because your opinions and your decisions have greater weight and consequences, creating a scene of importance and value. A chief executive directs and coordinates the goals and activities of an organization, so to be successful in this role, you need to obtain good leadership skills, as well as the fundamentals of business. They also need to obtain good marketing skills so that they can set the tone of their business and build a good brand identity. 

You can become a chief executive by rising through the ranks of a company; however, it’s far more common for people to become Chief Executives by starting their own business. Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding financial endeavors you put yourself through, but be sure to do a lot of research on how to start a new business well before going for it, as it is also a bit risky. 

A Nurse 

Despite its long shifts, harsh demands, and stressful environment, nurses still rank their job as one of the most satisfying and emotionally fulfilling roles in the world. A big reason for that can be because nurses are at the front line providing care, meaning that their actions can drastically improve and even save people’s lives on a regular basing, meaning that they’re very important to the community. 

Nursing is difficult to get into due to all the knowledge and education needed to enter even basic level positions, but spending the time to get educated can be a good investment, as nurses are growing in demand and can fetch a healthy salary. You can start your nursing education and learn how to be a nurse practitioner online now. 


Teachers work in many different educational settings and teach a variety of academic materials to students of all ages, ranging from 4-year old’s right up to college and university students. 

What makes teaching so satisfying, despite the long hours each day, is how pivotal a good teacher is to an individual’s development. Passing on knowledge effectively can help a person improve their future prospects and potential, which is really satisfying for a teacher to be a part of. As teachers also spend a lot of time with their students, close connections and bonds can also be made that improve both lives and make it far more satisfying.