date ideas

There are certainly nights when Netflix and takeout works as a date, and the good old fashioned “dinner and a movie” still has its place in a relationship. But sometimes it is good to do something out of the ordinary with your SO, something that livens things up and opens you to new experiences.

The truth is that while routine is comfortable, it is ultimately stagnant. The moment you stop trying new activities with your partner is the moment that you stop creating new memories. They say variety is the spice of life, and that applies to date night too! With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few weekend date ideas that shake up the normal routine.

This weekend, before you buy tickets to a movie, consider one of these four date ideas:

Axe Throwing

While it certainly doesn’t sound like your conventional date idea, axe throwing has all the makings for a magical evening. You get to learn a new skill together, so there is a sense of discovery involved. You get to release some of that pent up energy you’ve been holding inside from the workweek. But mainly, when you try axe throwing with your spouse on a date, you get a fun, full, riotous evening.

Wine Tasting

Why just buy a bottle of wine, when you could learn about wine at the same time? Shared interests are key in a healthy relationship, and one of the easiest interests to share with your spouse is a love of wine. When you go wine tasting, you get to learn about tasting notes, wine production methods, regional and varietal differences, and – most importantly – you get to have a few glasses. It can be both intellectually intoxicating and… just plain intoxicating.


When you consider how to shake up your date night, take a cue from the past. Before there was Netflix, and when movies were mostly accessible by drive-in, couples would take to their local bowling alley. Bowling alleys are going the way of the dodo in most cities, but you can still find a few kicking if you look hard enough. As with axe throwing, bowling lets you show off your skills, and it introduces a low-key, intimate sense of competition to the evening.

Spa Day

Here’s a pro-tip: if you book a massage with an RMT (registered massage therapist) attached to a spa, they will often let you spend as much time at the spa as you wish before or after the massage. Depending on your plan, the massage might even be covered. Regardless, what you get is a relaxing, intimate experience with your spouse, free of any work or familial obligations.

Shake things up this weekend by trying one of these four, out-of-the-ordinary date ideas. Not only will your SO appreciate the change in scenery, but you will have created new memories along the way.