When I grew up I never lost that love for toys, yet as an adult it became something which I would refer to as an appreciation rather than an enjoyment of playing with them. As a grew I honed in on certain types of toys and eventually I decided to settle on Megalopolis toys in particular, they just have such a wonderful variety and history behind them. Collecting has lead me down many paths, it has lead me to travel, it has inspired me to meet more people and ultimately it has been a wonderful pastime which gives me a lot of focus and a nice hobby to have as well.

If you are interested in collecting things then here are some ideas as to what you could pick, depending on what you are passionate about.

Vinyl Records

During the 90s there was a great number of people who genuinely thought that vinyl was dead and so hey gave them away or sold them. We have however seen a great increase in the popularity of vinyl records and this is a great area for you to start collecting. You can get vinyl in so many places and there are vinyl fairs and stores all over the nation. The vinyl community, from what I have heard, is also a very cool one.


Money has existed for centuries and that is why so many people enjoy collecting coins from times gone by. Even within the toy world I love to collect old toys and think about who has had those toys before me. When it comes to coins however, especially coins from centuries ago, just imagine how many hands those coins have passed through, what they have been used to buy and which countries they have come from. This is why so many people enjoy collecting old coins.

Trading Cards

Simply because so many people have been collecting trading cards for so long, doesn’t mean that you are too late to the party. In fact you can get involved and begin to start collecting trading cards. Much as the name suggests, these can be easily traded and the reason why you can still get into it is that there are many who focus on different aspects of cards. What is valuable to you may not be valuable to someone else, and that means that you can swap in order to improve your collection.


Many believe stamps to be a geeky ting to collect but they are actually the single most collected item in the world. Much like coins, stamps have been used around the globe for many years to send items and there have also been a large number of commemorative stamps which have been released throughout the years. Stamp collecting is big business and if you enjoy these little relics from throughout the ages then this could be a fantastic area for you to focus on.

What will you look to collect?