I was reading recently that the figures of divorce have exploded as a result of the global pandemic, or more specifically because of the lockdown, and it brought back memories of my divorce last year. Thankfully things were amicable enough between myself and my ex but had it not been for the amazing team at Marrison family law then I’m not sure I would’ve made it through. I cannot stress enough the importance of great lawyers during this difficult time and for anyone out there who may be going through a divorce soon, here is why it is so essential that you get the best lawyers that you can.


Although there is actually very little that you can do in the divorce proceedings, you still want to know every single thing that is happening, much to the frustration of the legal team I’m sure. I spoke to some other friends who had been through a divorce and they all spoke about how their law firm weren’t in touch with them and just told them to wait until they have more information, something which would’ve driven me mad. Marrison however were absolutely brilliant and they were in constant communication with me, even if there was no news to tell.


Emotional support wasn’t something which I expected to get from the law firm but that is exactly what I did get and I am so happy that I had a great team on board. Above all else, and even if things aren’t vicious between the two spouses, losing a marriage is hard, when you get married you think it’ll last forever but eventually things fall apart and break and that is tough to deal with, those feelings of failure. Naturally the guys at Marrison have seen many cases of this nature and they were so great with me, fully explaining all the steps, offering tidbits of advice which would help me to stay sane and give me something to hold on to, and at the same time working on getting the best case divorce that was possible. Great lawyers should have this level of empathy especially when they know that their client is going through a tough time.


The one thing that I didn’t want for this divorce was for it to rumble on for months and months, the decision had been made I just wanted to get out of it as quickly as I possibly could, in order to move on with my life. I told the team this when we first sat down together and they assured me that they would do all that they could to make this process as quick and as painless as they possibly could and that is exactly what happened.

Ultimately a great legal team will get you the best divorce, they will do it in the quickest and cleaner way possible and they will ensure that you are in the know and well supported.