As we move into January I have no doubt that many of you are looking at your bank accounts with a wince, looking at just how much the holiday season has cost you. January is the time when many of us are looking at tightening the purse strings and finding ways in which we can reduce our spending. If you are in this boat then one area which you have to start looking at is your groceries, and how cashback sites like Lyoness can save you some big money on your weekly shop. If you don’t know what cashback is or why you should use it, read on.

What is Cashback?

Cashabck is a way of saving money on the products that you buy in the supermarket, except instead of offering you money off, they offer you a percentage of the cost back. Let’s say that there is a shampoo on offer this week, offering 50% cashback, you go to the store and purchase the shampoo for full price, let’s say $5, and then you simply upload your receipt to the website to prove purchase, and $2.50 will be deposited back into your account.

Now let’s take a look at why you should be using cashback.

Everyday Items

One of the most obvious reasons as to why you should be taking advantage of cashback sites is because the products which they have on there are everyday items which you are probably purchasing anyway. This means that if you are not using cashback sites then you will be paying full price for these items when you just don’t have to.

Double Bubble

Something which I have discovered of late is that sometimes you can get a double discount on the products that you find on the cashback site. The reason for this is that the supermarket may already have a promotion on the product which brings the price down, or perhaps giving you 2 for the price of one, you can then also get your percentage of cashback meaning that you win twice!


The thing that first put me off using cashback is that it looked quite tricky, in reality it is so easy that there is no excuse not to be using it. Most cashback sites even have a phone application which you can use right there in the store, to both find products which are offering cashback, and to snap a photo of your receipt and upload it there and then.

Real Cash

Make no mistake, the money that you get back from the cashback site is real money, not store credit or coupons. If you so wish you can keep this money in your cashback account and then use it to make online transactions, which also give you some cashback.

If you are looking to reduce your spending this year, cashback is the way to ensure that you bring down the cost of your weekly shop.