We all love a bargain and in today’s digital age it has never been easier to save money. Not only can you find online promotions, websites which detail a wide range of bargains and promotions and coupon sites which give you free coupons to make massive savings, there is also the brilliant concept of cashback. If you haven’t heard of cashback before then it is high time you did because you are leaving huge savings on the table. Cashback sites such as Lyoness provide an enormous range of great savings which you can make on your weekly shop or when buying other products such as clothes and electronics.

Cashback works by offering you a percentage of the cost back once you have purchased the product, and here are 4 reasons why you have to get involved.

Missing Out

The majority of the offers which you can find on cashback sites are on everyday items and it could very well be that you are already buying these items every time that you go shopping. If this is the case then you are literally spending money which you just don’t have to, when you could be getting cashback on those products.

Ease of Use

Things can sound complex when we don’t understand them but this is a very easy and simple method to save money. All you have to do is sign up to the cashback site, and pay a small membership fee. Once you’ve done that, browse the offers, go ahead and buy them, then upload your receipt to the site and get your money back. Some websites even have a phone app so that you can manage it on the go.

Bigger Savings

At the top of the article we mentioned coupon sites and in-store promotions which of course are great ways in which you can save money, when it comes to cashback however there are bigger savings to be made here than via any other means. The reason for this is that the company is giving you the saving once you have bought it, rather than selling a certain amount of units to the supermarket, when they don’t actually know how many they are going to sell. For the biggest savings available you have to use cashback.


As soon as you have proved purchase of the product you will get the money deposited directly into your account, with no ifs and no buts. This money is not rewarded to you by way of credit or a coupon to use, just simple cash which you can then withdraw straight to your bank. If you wish you can keep the money which you have saved in your cashback account, and then use it to fund online purchases for other items with cashback, essentially using your savings to make more savings.

This is a brilliant idea and one which can save you huge amounts of money each month, why not give it a try?