Jeff Breault became my savior after college when I was trying to get a job and struggled for some months until I received a phone call from the man himself, CEO of his own automotive group and someone who was looking for an admin assistant. I decided to take the offer as I didn’t have much choice, and 18 years later I’m still here. At that time I knew absolutely nothing about cars and even less about the automotive industry. Thankfully Jeffrey Breault made it his mission to take me under his wing and show me the way of the world. Along the journey I have absolutely fallen in love with cars and that is down to Jeff’s passion. Another of Jeff’s passions is country music but he hasn’t quite convinced me of that one, cars though, most definitely.


If anyone had talked about cars being beautiful in the past I may have thought about cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis and been in agreement with them, but Jeff has taught me the beauty behind many more cars, and that is the beauty within. Now that I understand more about what is under the hood of a car I can now appreciate the beauty of an engine or an exhaust system or even small details on cars which I would never have noticed before. With greater knowledge comes greater appreciation and that is what Jeff has taught me.


Prior to working with Jeff the only driving which I had ever done was going from A to B, within the speed limits and without any risk taking. Jeff began to invite me to the track on a weekend where he would go hell for leather in his muscle cars amongst others. Jeffrey Breault not only showed me how a car could perform on the track, but he also gave me the chance to have a go myself, what a rush! After spending time at the track I began to learn more and more about the sheer power of these vehicles and what they could really do.


I used to really love the way that cars looked and whilst I still do, there is a lot more that goes into liking a car than there used to be. Jeff would show me all manner of cars and engine systems which deepened the knowledge which I had about cars. This additional knowledge gives me the chance to look at cars with new eyes, understanding what it is that makes them good, beautiful, and even valuable.


I suppose that I was always either going to fall in love with cars or hate them given that I spent so much time around them and given that Jeff Breault was constantly talking about them. Thankfully I did fall in love with cars and the industry and I am so glad that Jeff offered me that position all those years back.