Mexico City

When I first got to Mexico City I was very lucky to know a local who was able to help me navigate those tricky first couple of months, where you are learning about how to live and work within a new culture. Javier Burillo really showed me the way of life here and that is why I wanted to share with you some tips on how things are in this city. Mexico City is really growing in popularity as a digital nomad hub and as a place to visit and that is why I wanted to speak a little about the way of life here and what you can expect.

Street Food

If you ever hear talk of how good the street food is here you have to believe it because it really is. Street food options here in the city are abundant and it is clear from spending just a few hours here exactly how dedicated they are when it comes to great food. Tacos are the most commonly consumed food but there is also an enormous range of local dishes which you can find.


You really cannot expect to get anywhere fast in this city, unless it is a Sunday. I had a meting in my first couple of weeks here, 6km away from where I was staying, I left around 45 minutes to make the journey, and ended up being over an hour late, the traffic is no joke. As long as you aren’t in a hurry you will be fine, but if you have to be somewhere at a certain hour, make sure that you leave a lot of time to get there.


It is rare but some earthquakes do hit the city, the majority however have their epicenter in nearby states like Guerrero or Oaxaca. The issue with Mexico City however is that it is built on 2 enormous dried out lakes and that is why any quakes have a big impact on the city. There is an early warning alert system which goes off around a minute or two before the quake hits, ensuring that the majority of people have enough time to get out in the street, and to safety. If you are coming here then I would advise you to get used to the sound of the alarm.

Sweet Little Lies

At first I felt it was a sign of disrespect but I have come to learn that the reason why Mexicans will tell you fibs when you are asking for directions or when you invite them to a party is that they have an issue saying no to people. They would much rather tell you that you are 5 minutes from your destination because it sounds better, than to tell you the reality which is 20 minutes, because that may crush your spirit a little. These little lies are really about helping you, weirdly enough.

These are just a few quirks of the city which you should be prepared for.