Over the past few decades with been conditioned by the food industry to put a value on a food product based on the packaging it is in.  The same applies to dog food, a product in a sleek looking pouch looks better quality than food in a can or a paper bag so we are willing to pay more for it.  But much more important than the packaging is what is inside that packaging.  Is there healthy canned dog food available?  And if so, what ingredients should you look out for?

Ingredients in Healthy Canned Dog Food

The answer is yes, there are healthy canned dog foods available, just as there are healthy dog foods available in pouches, bags and other containers.  What you need to do is examine the ingredients list to see whether a dog food is providing the best health benefits for your pet.

There are several ingredients you want to ensure are not present in your dog food.  These are allergens which many dogs are typically allergic to or at least have some intolerance to.  The main five allergens are wheat gluten, corn, potato, soy and chicken.  Eliminate these from your dog’s diet and you could well see an improvement in their overall health.

Symptoms of intolerance to food ingredients include skin conditions, low energy levels, indifference to food, flatulence, sickness, diarrhea, and bad breath.   By eliminating these five main ingredients you could see a big improvement in these symptoms, but its also possible another ingredient that is less as common as an allergen could be the issue, so ensure you consult with a  vet if any of these symptoms get worse or continue over a long period.

What else do you need to look for on the ingredients list?  Well, consider the mix of components in the meal.  As humans we roughly need about 30% protein, 30% vegetables, and 40% carbohydrates in a balanced meal.  We are omnivores, look at your teeth, we are designed to eat meat, vegetables, grains and a variety of foods.  Now take a look at your dog’s teeth, these are carnivore’s teeth, they’re designed for tearing meat.  So for dog’s their meal should consist mainly of meat, but can contain smaller percentages of vegetables and carbohydrates.

Dog’s also need a good mix of certain minerals, vitamins and oils that are only present in high quality meats.  A pig fed on a consistent diet of a single grain, isn’t going to hold the vitamins and minerals that a dog needs.  Whereas a wild duck, fish, sheep, cow fed on organic foods ingesting a variety of foods themselves will be rich in oils, minerals, and vitamins essential for your dog.

Unfortunately this doesn’t translate to many cheaper dog food brands.  Many have a high percentage of carbohydrates and cheap fatty protein content.  Your dog’s health will suffer if kept on a diet like this.  You need to find a dog food which gives them the quality protein they require to fuel a healthy and energetic life.