The truth is that in many youth leadership development programs we see lacks in terms of what character traits are promoted. It is really important for the leaders of tomorrow to get access to proper training. The NYLF is doing a great job but at the end of the day, it is up to those responsible for the leadership development programs to make the needed changes.

The character traits that are listed below can be developed among the younger people as they want to become community leaders and practically better individuals. Consider then whenever a youth leadership program is in place.


Being organized is now more important than ever. Students have to fully understand how modern organizations work. They need to learn how to deal with difficult individuals, handle meetings and manage the organization in an effective way. You can never be too young to start learning how to properly organize your life.


Unfortunately, the world is filled with individuals that only see the empty side of the glass. A youth leader does need optimism in order to spot growth optimism and improve the entire organization he/she is involved in. However, optimism is not something that should be exaggerated. In many cases it is smart to simply accept the defeat as it is inevitable and then use your optimism to learn from the mistakes that were made.


This is a highly misunderstood character treat. The ability to take risk does not mean you take too much risk or you do not take many important things into account as decisions are made. Risk-taking is not about going in blind. The young leaders have to understand that risk-taking is a big part of life while also realizing that there are risks that should not be taken. There is a clear thin line between these two. Younger leaders have to be taught how safety nets should be established when riskier maneuvers fail.


One of the most popular quotes about courage is that it does not mean the absence of fear. In fact, courage is practically standing up and taking actions when fear does exist. Young people are normally afraid as they hold a leadership position. This has to be properly taken care. They have to be afraid when they do not do anything. It is clear that the youth is going to change the world but this is only the case in the event they are courageous enough to actually do this.


This is arguably the most important character trait a leader needs to hold. Unfortunately, many of the people that are in a position of power these days do not have integrity. This is something that is often learned as you grow up. Leadership programs for young adults have to teach them the importance of integrity. This prevents them from being involved in unethical deals and behavior in the future. A leader that has proper integrity will not fall down and will keep working without worrying about something others will have to say. Damaged reputations simply do not exist.