Ignition Systems

Hi friends, we know that you enjoy reading our articles, it is therefore we make constant efforts to make our articles more informative and decipherable. There are hundreds of spare parts those are assembled together to give you a finest machine to drive. Each spare part has its own role and significance. Today we will be talking on Ignition Systems.

The history of Ignition System is almost as old as of the first engine. Today we use the best of the technology with all the equipments in place. Back then it was not that easy to ignite the engine and keep it moving without failure. Over a period of time and regular experiments the master minds of the industry have brainstormed and cultivated the ignition process and made it simpler.  An Ignition System is an assortment of components those get together to inject the fuel/air to the internal combustion engine. Broadly ignition systems can be classified in to five types;

  • Magneto Systems

Initially magnet was used to provide current through contact brakes; wherein spark plug ignited the engine. This system is no longer used in modern vehicles, but still used in small machines like lawn mowers. Major components of this system are High Tension Magneto, Condenser, contact brakes and distributor.

  • Switchable Systems

The switchable systems use the speed of the engine and ticklers to ignite the spark. They are said switchable as they used amalgam of magneto and coil ignition that allowed the driver to switch between the systems in moving vehicle. The components of the switchable systems include a magneto, dry cell batteries, coil, distributor and spark plugs.

  • Battery and Coil Ignition Systems

The battery is the main source of energy that uses ignition coil to spark the engine and the distributor route the pulse to the spark plug. The improved ignition system was developed in 1910. The systems use switches inside the distributor to activate the coil. Coil, Switches, condensers, distributor and distributor cap, rotor, spark plug and wires are the major components of this system.

  • Electronic Systems

The Electronic systems are more simplified with less switches and more reliability. The first ever Electronic System was tested in 1948 by Delco Remy. Post that there has been numerous developments it this arena. This technology was a revolution in modern automobile sector. Almost all the companies are used this technology in their vehicles. A coil, an ignition module, distributor and distributor cap, rotor, spark plug and wires

  • Digital Electronic Systems

Digital Ignition Systems is the most advanced technology being used by automobile companies worldwide. These systems are designed under Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) or Inductive Discharge Ignition (IDI).

The immense use of technology bestows the output that was unimaginable few years back. The regular updates in the system and frequent experiments can help us imagine that there will be soon a revolutionary process that will change the entire igniting process. For best ignition parts please visit buycarparts.co.uk  . We will soon be back with another informative session like Toyota, till then, keep reading.