Southeast Asia

The idea of traveling to a foreign country, eating authentic food, and meeting lifelong friends while on the road seems so glamorous at first. But that mindset changes as soon as you board an overnight train from Bangkok, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia. They’ve packed you in like sardines, and of course you’re bed – if you can even call it that – is right next to a suspicious-looking Thai man. This will be a long night. 

Scenarios like this happen more often than you would think, especially while traveling through Southeast Asia. Cheap travel is a major perk, but did you know that getting to your destination doesn’t actually have to feel cheap? When you book ground and sea transportation tickets online through a site called Bookaway, you can avoid sleepless nights on overcrowded trains, buses, and boats that fail to meet your expectations. 

Bookaway features routes all throughout the world, many of those routes being in Southeast Asia. The company believes that safe, reliable, comfortable, and affordable travel should be possible for anyone. 

So if you’re hoping to save a buck or two on transportation during your weeklong, monthlong, or year long stint in Asia, check out the Bookaway site. In addition to saving some cash , here are a few more major books of opting for Bookaway over the other guys. 

Bookaway Offers Amazing Customer Service

The main goal of Bookaway is to provide its customers with the best possible travel experience. Without its amazing customer service team, this would not be possible. Bookaway prides itself on offering 24/7 support. It doesn’t matter if you have a silly travel-related question or an urgent problem with your booking that needs fixing, Bookaway is there to help at all hours. 

When you read the customer reviews that filter through on the Bookaway website, you’ll see that very few customers actually have any issues with their bookings. When they do, though, customers rave about how Bookaway saved the day and got everything sorted out efficiently and successfully. 

Affordable Comfort is Possible When Traveling

Bookaway strongly believes in the above statement, and it is actually one of the main missions of this booking site. Bookaway has gone above and beyond to deliver comfortable, reliable, and safe travel that is also, you guessed it, affordable. Just because you’re paying an extremely low rate does not mean you’ll have to make sacrifices (and take the Thai train like the one mentioned before). 

One of the reasons that Bookaway has put so much focus on Southeast Asia is because the concept of affordable yet comfortable travel is more true here than anywhere else in the world. In general, travelers come to Asia because of its affordability. What’s better than a piping hot plate of Pad Thai that only set you back 50 cents? The only thing better is taking a comfortable train, bus, boat, or car that allows you to kick back and enjoy the ride. 

Bookaway Believes in Quality Over Quantity

Some booking sites offer their services in 100+ countries, whereas Bookaway only operates in 30. There’s a specific reason that Bookaway has chosen to do things this way, though. The company believes strongly in quality over quantity. 

Maybe another booking agency offers bus rides through eastern Africa’s Rwanda, but chances are that bus is low in quality, and maybe even low in terms of safety rating. With Bookaway, they’ll always provide you with high-quality modes of transportation in any place where they operate. 

Bookaway Displays the Real Price with No Gimmicks

As you browse the online booking portal at Bookaway, you’ll see prices displayed next to each route you’re considering. These prices range depending on the distance, travel time, and the specific country you’ll be exploring. If you find a route you like, you’ll click on it and move on to check out. 

With some booking agencies, as soon as you get to this point of the process you’ll be given an entirely different price than the one you saw originally. Things like government taxes, maintenance fees, cost of gas, etc., get tacked on at the very end, and a route that was once $35 is now $60. This will NEVER happen at Bookaway. When you see a price you like, that’s the exact amount you’ll be charged.