How to Pick The Best Online Vape Shop 

When it comes to finding the best vape shop there is no doubt that the very best option can be found online, and there are plenty to choose from. This however can cause some difficulty, as knowing which online store to use isn’t easy. Additionally there are the common challenges which most of us face when buying online, in that we are not able to touch and feel the product before we buy. 

If however you do plan to purchase your vape gear online, something which we would certainly recommend, here is how to find the best vendor. 

See What You Have 

Whilst those who appear at the top of the search engine or those who pay for ads may appear to be the best, they are not always, and they may just be the brand with the most money. The first step then is to have a good look through the search engine and identify 4 or 5 which you will then decide between. 

Range of Products

The very best vape shops have a range of brands and items which they will sell to you. If you find an online store which only has one or two brands then it is better to look elsewhere. This is something which will become apparent very quickly once you hit their site. 

Ease of Use

No matter what kind of site you are looking at online, it is important that you are able to use it with ease. Navigating the site and being able to find exactly what you want, at speed, is something which we should all be looking out for. 

Membership Benefits 

Some of the very best online stores offer benefits for its members. Vaping is something which we do repeatedly and vendors understand that if they reward customers, they will come back again and again. Keep an eye out for things like loyalty schemes and promos for members. 


No matter which online store you are looking at, it always makes good sense to check out their reviews across the web. Don’t always trust the reviews which you find on the store’s website, as these could be manipulated. When looking at reviews pay attention to the quality of the products and the level of customer service which other customers have been offered. 


Also make sure that you are paying attention to the policies which the online store has. There are always instances whereby you order a different product than you wanted, or you have received faulty goods — it happens. In such a situation however it is important that the online store has a smart policy in place with regards to refunds and returns. 

Quality Products

Whilst you may not know this until you have made an order, it is important that you pay close attention to the quality of the products which are being sent your way. Ultimately if the product isn’t good then move on to another vendor. 

This is what you should be looking for in a great online vape shop