Needless to say, starting a business is not easy. Growing business, though, requires less effort for planning as you should have thought of a business strategy before starting your business.

The business world is never the same again, not after the emergence of personification. In this regard, there are five concrete way to grow your business instantly.

  • Recruit Key Opinion Leaders

This is the age of influencers who have tens of thousands of followers getting to know what the influencers do every day. They are the key opinion leaders who make a buzz online and shape public opinion. Sometimes they can be more powerful than mainstream media. To find the right influencers to sell your products/ services, you should research beyond the number of followers they have, and find the relevant influencers by researching on the reasons why they got their followers within a specific category. They can, therefore, grow your business by increasing the public awareness on your products/ services.

  • Use Google AdWords

This is a powerful tool which has a guaranteed result for your business to grow within a short period of time. Google, as a dominating search engine, has a database of search records of billions of users who use its platforms for different purposes every day. It has an auction-based pay-per-click model to ensure the effectiveness of marketing through a range of channels. Other useful functions such as demographic targeting, click-to-call and optimized ad rotation grow your business by reaching out your target audience within seconds. 

  • Advertise on printed media

Compared to the above methods, this is a rather traditional yet costly way of growing your business by exposing your products/ services to a wider group of public audience. If you are skeptical towards potential outcomes of the above methods, you can think of allocating a higher proportion of your budget to pitch your products/ services within a designated area of the printed media. While this is a loose way to grow your business, it is a beneficial strategy to explore further on the potential audience you may have. 

  • Create loyalty program

The above ways stress on the marketing dimension of expanding your market, and the creation of a loyal program helps your business to grow by keeping the old customers while attracting the new comers. A loyalty program usually entails some discounts, gifts or additional services from your company. If your company is resourceful, a loyalty program can be more attractive than your products/ services because customers tend to think they have “earned” some extra benefits when they are part of the program. 

  • Diversify your products/services

Diversification is the last step of making your business grow like more than ever. Most of the international firms are now creating their own supply chain to monopolize the market in order to proclaim their dominance across sectors. Having your own supply chain facilitates your business by reducing the costs of outsourcing, transaction and even production.

To summarize, growing your business requires a marketing strategy combined with sustainable efforts and horizontal expansion of your products/ services. All it requires is a little bit of entrepreneurial mind set.