One of the best things about EDI is that it allows you to work together with community trading partners. This means that you can easily exchange important business documents and other forms of communication with the various trading partners within your organization. The best thing is that this works across a variety of different industries.

EDI Trading Partners Across the Industries

Just some of the industries that can work together through EDI functionality include:

  • ¬†Retail.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Lumber.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Logistics and shipping.
  • Finances.

This functionality works with any and all trading partners within the above industries and more. This is true for both suppliers and buyers.

Filtering Functionalities

Within a good EDI system, you should be able to filter the information you are looking for by preferences, roles, and other details. All of this is made possible through a user-friendly dashboard with one click functionalities, allowing you to see all incoming and outgoing documents. Furthermore, the system can link to smartphones and tablets and send you real time notifications and other alerts. You can also filter this by more specific partners or you can highlight only the data that you are actually looking for.

By having an automated system in place, you can ensure all business critical tasks are performed properly. You will have instant access to your entire partner community and all data will automatically be integrated, thereby reducing the chance of human error. This in itself can help save significant resources and improve the bottom line.

How to Develop a Proper EDI Solution

When it comes to choosing an EDI solution, it is important that you start by completely understanding your own needs. This also means understanding your entire enterprise, which includes your external partners. It doesn’t matter whether you are a finance manager, a factory floor manager, or an IT expert, these solutions can help ensure your supply chain works properly and efficiently regardless of your role.

It is perhaps no surprise that these solutions are used in so many different Industries, including IT, finance, logistics and distribution, e-commerce, procurement and merchandising, and small businesses.

For small businesses, these solutions are particularly important because it ensures that they can almost immediately enable compliance, thereby and also enabling them to grow their business. It ensures they can immediately fulfill all the orders regardless of their size and that they can meet the requirements of there external trading partners. Essentially, EDI Solutions allow businesses to innovate and integrate at the same time.

Similarly, e-commerce businesses, which operate completely in the digital world, can use these solutions to ensure they comply with the various B2B initiatives and the complex requirements of external brands.

Thanks to EDI solutions, clearly, businesses of all types and sizes can come together and work together. They can integrate with their external partners, thereby increasing efficiency across the board. This, in turn, strengthens business relationships as well as improving customer satisfaction. It is, therefore, the ideal solution for any business.