It’s been a difficult year for many of us who’ve seen our incomes dip, our jobs become that bit more insecure, and our savings diminish as the stock market struggled during 2020. Perhaps you even lost your job, or accepted reduced hours in order to keep it. Whatever your financial circumstances, now is the time to prepare yourself for a difficult January after an expensive Christmas—guaranteeing yourself a little wiggle room when it comes to getting your bills and rent paid. Here’s how you’ll access fast cash in January 2021. 

Friends and Family

Everyone is aware just how hard the past few months have been. Indeed, there hasn’t been an individual across the United States who’s been totally unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic—and those who have lost their jobs have been some of the most unlucky of us all. Whether or not you’re still in a job, your friends and family will be understanding if you do approach them for a short-term loan with no interest. But beware the social implications of doing so: some people find it awkward to lend cash to their friends. 

Car Title Loans

Have you heard of a car title loan? It’s a wonderful way to get yourself a loan in super-quick time, which is the perfect antidote to an empty bank balance—especially if you’ve got a prime asset, in the form of a vehicle, against which you can guarantee your loan. To learn more, read this article from Quick Cash Car Title Loans about how you can use your car as collateral in order to secure a short-term loan that’ll get you over the line with bills payments and rent or mortgage installments. 


January tends to be a month of sales. In the shops, stores are selling their winter stock in favor of a newer spring range, while other stores are trying to counter the post-holidays sales dip by offering wonderful deals on some of their products. The same could take place in your home—with you locating all the items of worth that you no longer need or want, and uploading them onto a platform such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or other online peer-to-peer selling platforms. You can complete a transaction within days, giving you access to cash quickly in January 2021. 

Extra Work

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, and you’re concerned that your situation might not improve come February, then it might be a time for you to look for a form of extra employment that you can do on the side of your current role. Whether that involves moonlighting somewhere, or taking on part-time shifts at a local cafe, it’s up to you: as long as you’re able to supplement your income to remain out of debt, this might be the best form of quick cash access at your disposal in early 2021. 

There you have it: four tips for ways in which you can access cash fast in 2021—getting the liquidity you need to pay off your bills and other obligations.