I first ran into Shane Kersh as I was running to a seminar during law school, and he was there to give a talk. Our meeting back then was very brief indeed and really only involved him asking me where the lecture hall was, whilst helping me to pick up the ream of files with I had just dropped. Years later I would go on to work with Shane Kersh in the same law firm, but I knew way back at our first meeting that he was someone who was widely respected in this field. I have since come to learn exactly why he is so respected in the world of law and as an aspiring lawyer he was certainly someone who I would try to model myself on.


One of the biggest reasons for the respect which Shane has is that he has a long history of success when it comes to winning cases. Unlike many lawyers he will take on all manner of cases and it is those which he has won against all odds which have set him apart.


Of course when he succeeds in winning cases Shane will very rarely big himself up when talking about it and he will always attribute the success to the team. This is factually accurate to be honest, but there are a great many ego-centric lawyers out there who refuse to share the credit with anyone. This humility not only earns him respect from those looking on, it also gives the team encouragement and motivation to keep working hard, knowing that they’ll get the credit which they deserve.


There are may flaws in our courtroom processes and it is down to the smartest guys in the room, the lawyers in this case, to ensure that things are done properly. Shane is someone who will not let things slide in the courtroom, even if it is something which is benefiting his opponent. Shane is someone who admits that he loves the law and that his role within it is to ensure that everything is carried out just as it should be. The court system needs far more people like Mr. Kersh in their courtrooms to ensure that justice is always served in accordance with the law, and not on the whim of some hapless judge or legal advisor.

Giving Back

The day that I first ran into Shane he was giving a speech on new changes in the law that year, he was also giving a speech on key qualities which all lawyers should have. There is no reason for him to do this, he is not, nor has ever been contractually obliged to take on the role of professor or motivational speaker, but he does so because he loves to help those who are on their way up.

Not only is he a great success, a great team player and a man who prides the law above everything else, he is also someone looking to help the next generation of legal professionals, this is why he is so respected.