How Ken Julian Does Summer Style

Have you heard of Ken Julian? He is a fashion blogger and Instagram influencer who also has a channel on YouTube. Ken is an up-and-coming name in the fashion industry. He speaks about his style and what goes on behind the scenes with photoshoots and events. In this article, he shares some of his tips for summer style attire.

“I have always been a fan of polo shirts,” says Julian. “They can be worn almost anywhere and are perfect for hot summer days or mornings spent lounging on the beach.” What makes Ken’s style slightly different from other influencers is that he tends to dress in pieces that you wouldn’t expect an influencer to wear. He understands that the fashion industry is about being your own person and doing things differently than others.

One of his favorite brands to wear this summer is People’s Liberation, a brand known for having rockabilly vintage products. One piece from this brand that he loves is their cutoff shorts with knee patches. His love for People’s Liberation began when he was at the Blank Canvas Gallery to meet with other influencers. “I saw all these pieces from different brands being modeled, and I thought they were really cool,” says Julian.

Julian loves how People’s Liberation is very original in their products and doesn’t take much inspiration from others. Instead, they create new designs that are fresh and interesting. According to Julian, their products are usually made with vintage fabrics that give them a unique look.

“I love wearing my sunglasses at all times of the day,” says Julian. “Sometimes I will wear designer ones or just shades from H&M.” He is a big fan of Ray-ban sunglasses and likes how they fit his face. In addition, he feels that Rayban is a brand known for having cool and trendy sunglasses.

When it comes to shoes, he goes with comfort over style. “I always wear slip-on sneakers, and my favorite brands are Vans, Converse, or Jack Purcell,” says Julian. “I wear these shoes almost every day as they are very easy to slip on.” He also says that he wears out his sneakers faster than any other shoes because of how often he wears them.

Julian believes that sunglasses and shoes are a must for summer attire, especially if you want to be comfortable throughout the day. “If I am going on a trip somewhere, I will pack lots of swim trunks and shirts that I can wear on the beach. I also love to have at least two pairs of swim trunks.”

“My style is always evolving,” says Julian. “I like trying out new things since so many different people inspire me.” He doesn’t stick to one type of fashion but instead goes with his style and what he feels comfortable in. “I always find myself wearing a fun hat, being that I am from Texas.” He believes funny hats are great for a good laugh and can make you feel more confident when you wear them. Wear hats because you want to, not because of what other people think or say about your style choices.

One tip he has for you is to dress the way that makes YOU feel comfortable, not for others. Don’t always look to a trendsetter or a famous influencer and try to mimic what they do. “Everyone has their own style,” says Julian.

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