Home Solutions For Increasing Your Life Expectancy

There are lots of ways you can increase your life expectancy and even from home. It is more about being consistent with these practices than doing them once or twice. Some people are oblivious to making an effort when it comes to life expectancy as they don’t feel old or see their life coming to an end, but it’s best to tackle your life expectancy now. There are some obvious ways you can help yourself live for longer, such as, avoiding smoking, but here are some of the more less obvious tips. 

Having more sex can increase your life expectancy 

The more sex you have the longer you could live, orgasms, in particular, are proven to be great for your health. If you are someone that doesn’t orgasm regularly there are some ways you can reach a climax, one of the ways is by using a toy. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there are some options online to find the best sex toys for her. Not only will orgasms help to make you live longer, but they will also give you great skin, increase the circulation in your body, boost your immune system, and lower anxiety. If you want to live longer, sleep better and reap all the other benefits of orgasms, what are you waiting for? 

Lower your stress by meditating 

Mindfulness meditation will lower your stress levels immediately and keeping stress down will naturally lead to a longer life. If you find it difficult to meditate, there are lots of applications you can download on your phone for free that will motivate you and guide you through it. You can pair meditation with deep breathing for some relaxation time or with slow movement like yoga. There are lots of YouTube videos online you can use for free and this can be done from home. Some research shows meditation can actually lead to a reduction in death rates. 

Make space at home for exercise

Whether you prefer exercising at home or outside, regular movement is associated with living longer. Even if you just go for a brisk walk once a day you will be getting your body moving. Staying healthy is crucial for a strong future and our body is a shell to look after us. Studies show the more exercise you do per week, the longer you will live but obviously don’t overdo it and make time for rest days. 

Eating well and generally leading a healthy lifestyle

Food is another reason that should be considered when it comes to life expectancy and eating too much can be extremely bad for us. Consuming too much food in one sitting can be especially unhealthy and bad for lifespan. Overloading on calories will lead to a high BMI and once the weight is on your body it is going to be more difficult to lose it. Holding too much weight will shorten your lifespan and is associated with diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases. 

Intermittent fasting for longevity 

Scientists have found intermittent fasting can lead to a longer life, not just weight loss. Longevity will be promoted by intermittent fasting, but you should research how to do it properly and not just completely fast. It’s always important to remember to break a fast with a healthy meal and gradually start introducing food. Regularly fasting is also associated with lower rates of heart failure so if you haven’t tried it out, it’s definitely one to consider. 

So, now you know what you can do from home to increase your life expectancy, it’s time to get started and stay consistent. It’s always worth putting in the effort when it comes down to your health because if you don’t do it for yourself, nobody else will.