If you are having a facelift in Chevy Chase Maryland then first of all you will need to locate a surgeon who is experienced at carrying out face lists as this is a very complex surgery, which may have several risks if carried out by a non-specialist surgeons.  It is quite a different procedure to other cosmetic surgery so needs a surgeon who has experience with face lifts.

But once you’ve chosen your surgeon you will have plenty of questions about what happens before the surgery, what happens during the procedure, what the recovery time is like and whether you will be in any pain.  Let’s address some of these matters now so your questions will be answered and you will have more confidence in going for your facelift surgery, as well as being more informed should you want to ask more detailed questions during your pre-surgery consultation.

What to Expect From a Facelift in Chevy Chase Maryland?

First of all its good to note that a facelift addresses the mid and lower face only, it does not address the brow or forehead, these are done during a brow lift surgery and are completed with a different technique than a facelift.  If you have jowls, lines, creases, wrinkles, sagging skin and shifting facial tissue then a face lift will address these, to give you a tighter, younger looking face.

The facelift is achieved surgically and is an invasive procedure usually completed as an outpatient procedure with you able to return home the same day.  It will be carried out under IV or local anesthetic so you would need someone to drive you home afterward.

What Happens During a Facelift Surgical Procedure?

During the surgery small incisions are made along the hairline and then round in front of the ears and then up behind the earlobes.  The incisions will be small and along the outskirts of your face so shouldn’t be noticeable when healed. The skin is then separated from the tissue underneath using deep plane techniques, and then repositioned and tightened.  Some excess tissue or fats may also be removed. Then the cuts are sutured closed and bandaged to allow them to heal.

After surgery you will stay at the clinic for a number of hours while you are monitored and to ensure healing begins.

Recovery From Facelift Surgery

Initial recovery from a facelift can seem slow over the first few days as you will need help with many daily tasks as your face will be quite swollen and uncomfortable, but after the initial those initial few days recovery will be fast and you will find after two weeks that you feel healed and ready to return to work and activity.  In the interim your face may feel tight and tender, and your doctor will have prescribed you pain medication to deal with this. Light exercise such as walking will be beneficial and you will find that you can return to more vigorous exercise at around three weeks.