I decided to go back to school shortly before my 30th birthday because I wanted to finish the degree which I had embarked upon when I was 20, which I was never able to finish. I was never the most academic at school but I always felt that I was in and around the middle of most classes. Something which always hampered me was that I never seemed to mesh well with teachers. After beginning the course again I quickly realized just how difficult it was to get back into education and so decide to get a tutor, and his name was Girish Navani. I want to talk for a minute today about why this guy was such an amazing teacher, and why more people should be like him. \


I am someone who really doesn’t have much patience and if I don’t understand something I can get infuriated by it. I needed a tutor who would be able to remain calm and patient with me, even if I was losing my head. Girish Naavni was the perfect person for this job, he was calm, patient and explained things in a really relaxed way. Even when I was losing my head Girish never did and this is why I was able to learn so much from him.


GIrish had this wonderful knack of making things relatable to my own life which turned out to be a far easier way of learning than anything which I had done before. For example we would be talking about math problems and he once broke it down like the NFL league, linking math with football meant that I could understand it better and it also meant that I cared about it more than if it was just numbers and formulas on a page.

Always Checking

It isn’t just about learning new things when you study but also about ensuring that the knowledge has been embedded into your brain. This is something which Girish would always do through pop quizzes and tests at the end of the month. I found that this approach to learning really helped me to attain better knowledge and it made me feel far more comfortable about what we were learning about.


One of the most refreshing things for me during this entire process was how much Girish Navani clearly cared about my own success and my studies. He would often send messages to see how I was getting on, he would go through some of my work and help me to reach my own conclusions and he was just someone who clearly wanted me to do very well in my studies. This level of care from a teacher is rare and when you have it, it really makes you want to do the very best that you can.

If you can find a teacher like this then you can learn just about anything with ease!