Home Inssurance

The number of homeowners who do not have home warranty plans is staggering and it is something which if you don’t have, may cost you quite a sum of money. The reason behind why so many homes don’t have this cover is because the owners believe that their home insurance policy will cover them no matter what happens to the building, and that a home warranty is an additional spend which they just don’t need, this however is not an accurate statement. For maximum protection you need home warranty and to better explain, we caught up with the experts from the customer service team at First American Home Warranty Reviews to find out more.

Where it Differs From Insurance

The first point to mention here is the difference between home warranty and home insurance plans. When we compare the two we can clearly see that home insurance is what protects the structural integrity and the possessions within the property. Conversely the home warranty is what is in place to protect the home’s systems such as plumbing and gas. Buyers of home insurance may believe that they have full cover, but until those systems are protected, they do not.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are a great example of when and why you will need home warranty protection. If you live in an area which could be prone to a natural disaster such as California or Florida then you will know that the risk of such an event is higher than in many other places. Should something happen then you will need protection for everything in the home including those electrical and plumbing systems, which your home insurance won’t cover you for.


Many reviews on home warranty websites have stories of home owners who had incidents which they thought their insurance covered, only to find out last minute that it didn’t. For example your shower springs a leak and covers the bathroom floor and the floor outside in water, the insurer will cover you for the floor and any possessions which have been damaged, but they will do nothing to help you review your shower and the plumbing, this is where a home warranty will help you out. Don’t leave it until something occurs in the home to learn about the benefits of a home warranty.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day a home warranty is about giving you the peace of mind that everything in your home is fully covered against natural disasters, incidents and accidents. That in the event that anything should go wrong inside your property that you will not have to foot a monster bill to have it reviewed and repaired by the experts. This is why home warranty exists and it is why so many people are beginning to understand the importance of this coverage option for homeowners.

Why not take a look today and see whether or not you can find a home warranty plan which suits you?