Fencing for your Property

So, you’ve decided that your property needs a new fence. But, you’re not sure what type of material for your budget and needs. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, nearly every homeowner goes through this dilemma at some point. That’s why Fence Company Lincoln NE has decided to make it easy! We’ve listed the top fencing types with tips on materials you should depending on its purpose. By the end of this article you’ll be a fencing pro!

The first step in choosing the right fence type for you is to define its purpose. People get fences for all kinds of reasons, and its purpose will affect the type of material and the design you’ll need.

1. Privacy

Privacy fences are meant to mask views from the outside in. You can set up a fence in the front to block a street view or on the sides or the back to block views into your yard by neighbors. Privacy fences often feature solid materials, closely spaced lattice, offset gateless fence sections, or a stepped design. There are many attractive options that can serve your needs, while preserving the aesthetic and peacefulness of your outdoor space. Because this fence serves to purely block views, vinyl, rock, and wood are the most common material choices.

2. Wind protection

Wind shield fences, while built to block strong breezes, don’t have to block a beautiful view or keep light from coming in to your yard. There are several great plexiglass or lattice options that can block the wind, while still allowing the viewer to see the views beyond. If you’re not worried about blocking views, any privacy fence with few to no gaps is a great solution. When considering how high to build the fence, consider seating and cooking areas, those will need the strongest protection from strong winds.

3. Security

The most important feature of security fences is that they should be tall, they should be difficult to climb with few places for gripping or finding footholds, and they should have a gate with a strong lock. Most security fences are at least 8 feet in height and are characterized by flush materials and/or horizontal rails, to make it nearly impossible for intruders to climb. Even though security fences serve a very specific purpose, they don’t have to be completely imposing. There are many creative and innovative ways to meet both needs. Just give us a call for some great design ideas.

4. Protection for or from animals

Animal fences serve two purposes: to keep animals in or to keep animals out. If you live near the wilderness, you’re probably interested in keeping beloved pets in, and pesky predators out. When creating a fence specifically for your pets, it’s important to consider your pets’ habits. Are they easily excited by traffic or passerby? Then a solid material with no gaps is probably preferable. Or, on the other hand, if your animals are escape artists and love to jump, a higher fence, flush or belowground is probably your best option. Additionally, some homeowners opt for internal fenced-in pet or garden areas, that way you can keep your external fence options more flexible. A fence meant to keep wild animals, like deer, out of your garden, should be at least 8 feet in height.

We hope you’ve got a better idea of your options depending on your fencing needs. Please take a look at our upcoming blog posts for more great info. on fencing types by weather, the best materials by price, and more! Additionally, you can always give us a call for a free consultation. We love giving ideas and advice!