Professional and Executive Resume Writers

Investing time in your resume is an important aspect of landing the job of your dreams. Your resume is what provides your potential employer with a first impression on you and gives them quick insight to what you’re all about. If you’re struggling with writing a resume on your own it is worth it to hire professional or executive resume writers to help you with the process.

The main reason that hiring a professional to assist you with your resume is because there are certain do’s a don’ts that the best resume writers know about. The average person might be unaware of these so hiring someone to stick to these do’s and don’ts is worth it. Here are a few examples of do’s and don’ts that every resume writer should live by.

Don’t: Overemphasize your job responsibilities of the past

This is one of the most common mistakes of resume writing. A lot of people see a resume as the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills. Although this is true in a sense, you want to avoid overemphasizing your previous job responsibilities throughout your resume.

Listing your past responsibilities in your most recent job position can become boring quickly. Instead you should try to showcase your certifications, awards, and overall accomplishments throughout your employment history.

Do: Focus on the facts and provide proof of your accomplishments

Writing in a vague manner won’t get you anywhere in the job search. When you develop your professional resume it is important to focus on the facts and hard numbers. The interviewer wants to see actual proof on what you have accomplished throughout your career. Don’t be scared to provide charts and graphs with legit statistics on your achievements.

Don’t: Write a vague summary that provides no value to your overall resume

As we just mentioned vagueness within your resume won’t get you anywhere. It is extremely common to include a short summary at the start of your resume. This is a great way to start your resume off right, but the main issue is that people often provide very vague and nondescript summaries that don’t add much value.

Do: Provide a summary that caters to the exact role you’re applying for

Instead of a summary that has no added value try to make better use of this space. It only needs to be a few short sentences but use these sentences to set the pace for the rest of your resume. Talk about the exact role you are searching for and your specific industry experience that makes you the right fit.

Don’t: Bore your readers with long dense paragraphs

Writing a resume in paragraph form is a big no-no. Of course the resume can be written in a short paragraph but try not to make it more than 3 sentences. It is easy to lose the attention of the reader with long dense paragraphs so keep things short and sweet. Try to use bullet points and numbering whenever possible.