Housing and building regulations have come about over the years by way of a reaction to incidents which have taken place and as proaction to prevent things from happening. As the years  have gone by we have seen a great number of trends taking place with regards to the regulations which are  brought into law. Dino Tomassetti Jr. is a man who knows this only too well and he has been on hand to enforce a number of these regulations, as well as offering advice to those who are seeking to build. We caught up with Dino lately to find out exactly why he believes that currently, the majority of laws and regulations which are being brought in are with regards to the natural environment and the ecological system. 

This is something which we are seeing more and more of when it comes to the way in which we build and the areas on which we build, and here is exactly why it is an area of building regulations which is growing fast. 

 Better Knowledge 

One of the key reasons why we are seeing so many more laws brought in for this area of building is that we know more now than we ever have before. We understand so much more about the damage which we are doing to the planet with various materials, practices and ways of working, and that is much of the reason why we are changing the way in which we do things. 

More Pressure

Because of the fact that more people are waking up to the dangers and the reality of climate change, there is more pressure than ever before on governments to make sure that they are making laws which are in the best interests of the people. Again this is why we are seeing more regulations brought in which protect the natural environment. 

More Building 

As the population grows and the demand for more housing rises, we see much more pressure on the green belt and the natural environment. It is essential however that we seek to use as much brown field sites as possible before we begin to encroach on the natural environment around us. This again is where we have to make sure that laws are brought in that prevent land developers from seizing up huge areas of green land and use it to build properties. 


 Ultimately this is about the protection of the land and the animals who call it home. We have a responsibility to these areas and the wildlife to do all that we can to conserve those ecosystems and the more laws and regulations that are brought in and enforced, the better in which we can do just that. 

Dino believes that in the coming months and years this trend of bringing laws to protect the natural scenery will continue and that it will be one of the most important factors to consider when building a property.